September 22, 2021


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‘Dune’ release plan: Why Warners plan to put the film on HBO Max

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Following Frank Herbert’s 1965 sci-fi novel “Dune” of the upcoming cinematic retailing, which had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, critics এমনকি even those who weren’t particularly interested in the film তৈরি created an interesting visual claim to see it on the big screen.

The reason why many people want to emphasize the convenience of watching movies in theaters is that, like every 2021 Warner Bros. release, “Dune” is premiering simultaneously on HBO Max. The positive reception to “Dune” and its great special effects stunned that Studio Warner Bros., behind the War 1 War5 million budget space epic, would reverse the decision to keep the film streaming simultaneously, a strategy that has been proven in control, even vivisect, box office tickets. Sold.

Among the all-new Warner Bros. titles this year, “Dunn”, a huge-budget film acclaimed for its truly epic gift of world-building and big-screen philosophy, could be a major candidate, avoiding day-to-date models on HBO Max. Go. Its director, Dennis Villeneuve (“Advent”), was the most vocal opponent of the hybrid release of the film and the decision to move the films to streaming. In a column for Diversity, He condemned the “complete neglect” of studio filmmakers and criticized the “promotion of their streaming service” and the choice to give up box office dollars in return.

“Warner Bros.” The decision means that ‘Dune’ will not have a chance to perform financially and the piracy will be the ultimate winner, ”Villeneuve wrote in the days following the studio’s announcement. “The Warner Bros. may have killed the ‘Dune’ franchise.”

Insiders at Warner Bros. say “Dune” starring Timothy Chalamet, Zendaya and Oscar Isaac has no chance, and when it hits the United States on October 22, there will be some kind of theatrical window. The modified distribution plan is long overdue, which means the studio won’t face that kind of legal challenge if Scarlett Johansson sues for publishing “Black Widow” together at Disney Plus. Some international markets, including Asia, will have the opportunity to play “Dun” and several other Warner Bros. titles for a special period because HBO Max has not yet been launched in those regions.

According to sources close to the production, after the public outcry, Legendary Entertainment, which co-financed a significant portion of the production company “Dun”, was given the option to wait for the film to premiere, which pushed it out of HBO. Only a drama-release guarantee. Warner Bros. executives have maintained Project Popcorn ever since, the nickname of its controversial HBO Max deal was a “unique one-year plan” and will not run until 2022. In recent months, the studio has formally contracted major movie chains, including AMC, to keep its movies in theaters for at5 days only.

Since “Dune” has already been suspended three times, Villeneuve and other key partners have opposed pushing it again, although a few months ago they considered legal action against the legendary Warner Bros. HBO max. Legend and Villeneuve declined to comment.

As a sign of the one-to-one discussion, it wasn’t until mid-August that the decision to “do” was made, shortly before the film’s debut in Venice. Other movies influenced by the HBO Max release date model completed the deal a few months ago.

For Warner Bros., its slate film retention একটি a group that includes “In the Heights”, “Space Jam: A New Legacy” and the R-rated comic book adaptation “The Suicide Squad” – has been a huge financial undertaking at HBO Max because Each release has already fallen short of the inherent Covid-era box office expectations. Also, the studio, in an effort to keep the talents happy, agreed to give bonuses to their A-list actors and filmmakers, if their movies were massive theatrical hits. That means everyone from Hugh Jackman to Denzel Washington was awarded millions of dollars despite titles such as “Memoirs” and “The Little Things,” when the films greenlit the year before the epidemic were significantly less than the studio’s expectations.

If “Dune” had pushed the next year, the filmmakers behind the sci-fi opera would not have been guaranteed to pay the backend. By placing the film on HBO Max, “Dune” will often make less money than it would generate through a special theatrical window, but it will ensure that its filmmakers and talents are well compensated regardless.

In the case of “Dune”, it’s a project that faces challenges at the box office because moviegoers prefer easy-to-digest action movies rather than descriptive complex sagas. “Tila” in particular has been famously difficult to adapt to; The 1984 David Lynch feature flop in spectacular fashion because, for many reasons, it was hard to follow. Villeneuve’s critical response to the story of a political dynasty clashing over access to an important planet was, for the most part, positive with an average of 85% on rotten tomatoes.

Villeneuve knows that it is difficult to motivate viewers for a movie that does not involve comic book heroes or radioactive beasts. His latest film was “Blade Runner 2049,” a sequel to the 1982 cult classic. The movie was widely acclaimed, but it was also a commercial disappointment, generating 26 260 million worldwide against a production budget of $ 92 million in North America and more than $ 150 million. What can be said without the industry-changing epidemic is that “Dun” may not hit the milestones needed to trigger liberal backend deals associated with ambitious box office standards. In times without covidi, studios typically give backends to three or four films a year. Most movies lose money while directing their plays.

While emphasizing the importance of safety between Kovid-1 and the sprawling delta, Villeneuve made it clear that he would love to see “Dunn” in movie theaters. Last December, he wrote, “My team and I have dedicated more than three years of our lives to making this a unique big screen experience.” “The pictures and sounds of our movie are designed to be viewed in theaters very carefully.”

At the Venice Film Festival, he described in detail the benefits of watching “Tune” in a movie, not from the couch. “When you watch this movie on the big screen, it’s a physical experience.” “We tried to design it to be as immersive as possible.”

“Tune,” which runs for two hours and 355 minutes, is the first entry into an anticipated two-part story. Meanwhile, HBO Max has launched a spinoff TV series called “Dune: The Sisterhood”, but the studio has not officially greenlit the movie sequel. It is argued that the performance of “Tune: Part I” will help the studio determine the financial effectiveness of moving on to another big screen installment. However, it is unclear whether Warner Bros. will feel any success during the plague. Studio executives say the streaming metrics at HBO Max were consistent with ticket sales; While the Warner Bros. movie made a big hit at the box office, it also saw a lot of viewers on HBO Max. But when a movie flattens theaters, it doesn’t look the same in streaming. That means it would be more complicated than ever to conclude whether Warner Bros. should sink another 5 165 million into the interplanetary story set in the Arakis desert.

However, insiders say the HBO Max deal assures Villeneuve that declining box office revenues will not bar him from the opportunity to make his follow-up films. If the image is taken by HBO Max customers, they say they will proceed with a “Dune” follow-up. While other films released in the hybrid are still in sequel development, Warner Bros. is developing other characters from its “Mortal Kombat” universe.

“I hope we can do the second one,” Chalamet, who plays the main character Paul Atreides, told reporters at the Venice Film Festival. “It will be a dream.”

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