October 20, 2021


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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Tech Debuts Debut on N9ne’s New Album

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has won box office, wrestling ring, TV ratings and Tequila sales – now, is he going to dominate the charts?

At the center of an unexpected career, Johnson is set to make his rap debut as a feature on Tech N9’s new single, “Face Off.”

Talking to Diversity Exclusively, Johnson said, “I love music. Whenever I can implement some musical element in my film, I always love to do it. ”

Tech Facebook’s new album “As Off”, Strange Music’s “ASIN9NE” also features Joey Cool and King Iso. The track marks a collaboration between Hip-Hop’s most successful independent rapper and Hollywood’s biggest A-list actor.

Johnson had been loyal by his famous friends in the hip-hop community for decades, but when Tech N9ne DM’d him on Instagram, he knew it was the right fit in the end.

Tech N9ne says: “The biggest star in the world told me something! Do you know what i mean I’m hyped. We are all overwhelmed! ”

Tech N9ne and Johnson actually met a few years ago. Johnson, a huge fan of the Kansas City-born rapper, who is the most followed American on the planet, has been sharing Tech N9ne’s music on his social media for years. After an online friendship, the two met in person on the set of HBO’s “Ballers” long before the epidemic.

Many of my friends who are hip-hop artists যেমন such as big names আমাকে have asked me a few times. But it has to feel right, “Johnson said.When Tech texted me, I knew I would do it. We have come together in terms of the ethics and aspirations of our work. When Tech and I first met a few years ago on the set of ‘Ballers’, we were talking about this idea of ​​being the hardest worker in the room. He said something that I really appreciated: basically, ‘There can never be enough food in this room or in this set that can fill me up because I always want to be hungry.’ I just love it. ”

This sense of work ethic is a “shut up” message. Dwayne’s verse – which he wrote himself – contains songs, “It’s about the drive. It’s about power. We are hungry. ”

Tech N9ne knew he wanted to show a fighter on the track because he envisioned the song as a hype-up music that could be played in a stadium or gym. “It’s an energy song,” says Tech N9ne. “It’s going to make people gain weight, pump up for fights, pump up for play. Period. And what’s a good person? Not Connor McGregor. I don’t know him. I know The Rock.”

When the Tech N9ne first reached Johnson, there was no idea he would actually rap – the initial question was to recite the words spoken to Johnson to stop the song. But Johnson had a big vision.

“I said, ‘I just want you to finally talk about some real motivational issues,'” Tech N9ne shares. “We got on the phone and formed it. He’s very talented, man. For a song with Master MC and To be able to master MC yourself? Dwayne did his job. He said he wanted to go as fast as we could. After what he did in ‘Moana’, I saw he had rhythm. “

The rapper is referring to the hit Disney movie, which, yes, showed Johnson’s musical prowess. The best-selling soundtrack has entered the homes of millions of families, but “Face Off” has brought Johnson into a new trend.

After Johnson wrote his verse and formed it with Tech N9ne, he went to the studio with his wife, Lauren Hashian, and recorded during the epidemic.

“Take one,” Johnson says. “I was drinking Termana, so I was already a little enlightened and ready to go. We sent it to Tech and its engineers and the text I got from Tech was all in capital letters, ‘YES YES !!!!’

The rapper joked that he’s not entirely sure how Johnson, 6’5 and above 250 pounds, would fit in even a vocal booth. “J.E is bigger than him when I first met him at ‘Ballers’ because he’s in his ‘Black Adam’ build. Have you seen him See how big he is in our video. See how he is cutting! He didn’t cut it two years ago. ”

Now that Johnson has debuted on his debut app, is his future a music career?

“I never had the ambition to be a hip-hop artist or rapper, so there was no direct answer,” Johnson said. Diversity. “But I saw an opportunity here to make a song that really inspired me and inspired me more and inspired me to struggle more. I always like music. I like hip hop and blues and ban country music.

But never say. If Johnson has proven something over the years through his varied career, if he keeps his mind on something, it usually turns to gold.

If the song is right and if the collaboration sounds real and authentic, I’d love it, ”Johnson said.“ I want to do a iteration with Tech N9ne and Strange Music. If I get a chance to collaborate with other artists out there হ hip-hop artists, blues artists, foreign artists তাহলে then let’s talk and figure it out. If I could rap about the right words that seemed real and authentic to me, I’d be happy to break the teramana, go back to the studio with a few big swings. ”

Johnson added, “The things that grab my attention today and get me out of bed have to be things that I absolutely love and are absolutely passionate about. Nowadays, money is not the most important thing. Fame, no. It doesn’t matter. Honestly, it just comes down to emotion, fun – and are people going to enjoy it? That’s it. This is the bottom line. ”

If Johnson ever decides to take on Rape World, Tech N9ne says he can take some credit for giving her a big break.

“He has something bigger to do,” Tech N9ne offers. “I am so blessed that he wants to do this with me. But I think he’s going to be president, so I don’t know. ”

Watch the music video for “Face Off” here:

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