October 25, 2021


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Elamidia team for Nuria Landet, Ainhoa ​​Menendez’s ‘In the Flesh’

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Executive producer Nuria Landet and Spanish production-distribution company Elmedia have teamed up to co-produce the debut of Ainhoa ​​Menendez’s “Flash In”.

The project is being built on an incubator platform in Spain, a six-month producer consulting initiative, as part of The Screen Industry Program at the Madrid Film and Audiovisual School (ECAM).

“Meat” follows Mara, a woman in her thirties, working as a stock girl in a supermarket who grew up in a foster home. All her life she has abandoned the one she loves, so to stay with them, she decides to eat them. When he meets Sandra and falls in love with her, Mara has to face his man-eating instincts.

“I think what makes ‘In the Flesh’ original is the treatment of his character, the horrible persuasion to kill which is just a result of his loneliness and abandoned feelings, and it’s something universal that can happen to any of us at some point in our lives,” Nuria said. Landet said Diversity.

She Added: “Ainhoa ​​wants viewers to understand Mara even though it doesn’t share her animal motivation.” Landet will participate in the next Luxembourg EAVE marketing workshop with “Flesh”. The title has been selected for the Eve on On Demand workshop at the Sevilla European Film Festival, as well as for the independent film market Abisin Lanza in Albacete.

In 2016 at a Berlinale Talent Alum, Menendez, who ran the shorts “Dolls Factory” and “Stella”, explained that the search for his acquaintance was a common element of all his previous work. It continues in its debut, where “strange characters, social abusers want to find themselves and / or someone to love. They are people who suffer in deep solitude,” the director added.

“It’s a great narrative and a story of commercial potential that might interest young audiences interested in new characters and social models,” said Roberto Butrageno, CEO of Ilamidia. Diversity. He added: “Audiences should also be interested in the genre’s fans or the most bizarre story, because of the strangeness of its set-up.” Ilemedia will also handle Spanish distribution.

Madrid-based, owns Almedia studios and post-production facilities. It took Spanish rights in Magnus von Horn’s “Sweet” and Lois Patino’s “Red Moon Tide”. The company is affiliated with the international sales company 34t.tv, based in Westwood, Massachusetts. 34t.tv has taken international rights to films such as Pablo Macedar’s “Dear Warner” and Paul Venegas’s “Void”.

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