March 21, 2023


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Elon Musk sells 29 29 million Bell Air Mansion from Tech Billionaire

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If the thing about electric cars and rockets doesn’t work, then Elon Musk’s second (third? Fourth?) Career in real estate should be considered. In April, when he first listed his six Bell Air Homes in Zillow “for sale to the owner”, a few on the high-property playground took him seriously. However, as it turned out, all subsequent free publicity brought at least one serious buyer to his doorstep.

As first published as the Wall Street Journal, records reveal that Kasturi has successfully opened the Titanic home, which serves as its main residence in all cash deals. And the মূল্য 29 million sale price specifically 3% of the 30 million value and under 12 12 million More He paid for the property less than eight years ago, in late 2012.

Protected by a state-of-the-art security system, walled, gated and secured, the palace residence measures more than 16,000 square feet, including seven bedrooms and 11 baths. Although many aspects of the crop estate, including the aptly illustrated pictures included in the Zilo list, are shrouded in mystery, it is clear that there are soothing, efficiently managed gardens, a swimming pool with inset spa, several Alfresco dining patios and at least four garages. The multi-storey house, with a final but architecturally flawless structure, has an A + view that goes over the Bell Air Country Club, the Pacific Ocean on the horizon and the island of Catalina at the top.

Records The buyer of the property is “William” Ding Lei, a Chinese national and technologist who is largely unknown in the United States but was once ranked as the richest man in mainland China. According to Forbes, it is worth more than 25 25 billion today. Ding Nets founded the Leviathan Group of Companies, which together form one of the world’s largest online gaming empires, second only to Tencent.

The transaction is part of Kastur’s highly publicized plan to “get no home ownership” although it still has a long way to go before this goal can be achieved. As of early June, he has won five other Bell Air Estate titles, as well as a 47-acre compound from the expensive Hillsborough community in Northern California.

As Ding, the former Kasturi estate is not his only California residence. Back in 2011, he paid $ 1.7 million for a mansard-roofless pond in the exclusive Silicon Valley town of Atherton, California. gave millions of dollars where some of his closest neighbors include the home of billionaires like Meg Whitman, Jan Kaum and Steff’s 31 million compound. Ayesha Curry.

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