October 28, 2021


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Emma Chamberlain is one of the young stars investing in real estate

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It would be a great insult to say that Emma Chamberlain has been busy for the past year. Despite the epidemic, the famously irresistible YouTuber has still been able to promote dozens of videos and ink campaigns like Lewis and Louis Vuitton. He also bought an impressive West Hollywood palace that had already been sold for a profit and later bought a ড 4.3 million Benedict Canyon home. A complete overhaul of the next property is underway একটি an old, self-contained compound that was once owned by R&B legend Natalie Cole and actor Barry Bostwick.

While he waits for construction to finish, Chamberlain is renting a medieval home on the Sunset Strip, paying 35 35,000 per month to be listed as a “modern showcase property.” The Hollywood Hills Pad is cool in a low, perfectly vintage-meeting-contemporary way, with a pool, firepit, glass walls and a wine fridge, though the chamberline has energy drinks and water. Which doesn’t mean he’ll never have a glass of wine – the lack of bottles is just because Bay Area locals still can’t legally buy alcohol.

Chamberlain, 20, is a member of a growing crop of ultra-young influencers and Hollywood stars who are snatching high-quality real estate at unprecedented speeds জন্য to the surprise and delight of Los Angeles realtors, who similarly call their current buyers pools younger than ever. The rise of internet celebrities and the rapid paths to their fame and fortune may be largely thanks to, but the traditional theatrical young Hollywood-musicians, actors, newcomers and upcoming producers-has benefited financially from a growing online entertainment industry.

While we know that social media today started in the late 90s and early 2000s, it wasn’t until the recent advent of Instagram and Tic Tac Toe that effective, bankable internet celebrities really started to mint. Today, social media has kept the capital of celebrities at an all-time high and can be an influential lucrative career, earning millions from brand partnerships and advertising revenue from YouTube videos for top stars.

Tana Mongue, a major influencer who first gained notoriety on YouTube for her explicit “storytime” videos, announced to millions of her followers in early July that she had bought the home of fellow YouTube superstar David Dobrick. A few weeks later, Mongo returned in that very hurry, making it clear that he refused to buy after discovering the property needed to set up the “$ 400,000 stilt” and was attacked by cockroaches and “rat-sized Chihuahuas.”

Dobrick, who turned 25 in July and has more than 50 million followers across YouTube, Tiktok and Instagram, has already been upgraded to the $ 9.5 million Sherman Oaks Mansion, a chic contemporary structure with an endless pool and basketball court.

But realtors say many young stars aren’t necessarily looking for the flash; They will choose to maximize their cash-out potential by buying immovable homes located in the desired area, or setting up a large portion of the property with a potential burden. “Euphoria” and “Spider-Man” star Zendia, with 102 million Instagram followers, bought the িন 4 million Ensino Estate in 2019. Teardown, the lot is probably divided into two or three parcels. But the 24-year-old will be a landlord for the time being, and he quickly rented the estate for ,000 18,000 per month.

Phineas, Grammy-winning record producer and older brother of Billy Ilish, has bought three LA homes since 2001, including a seaside Malibu cottage that sold for ২ 5.2 million in 2020. But one of Malibu’s most coveted beaches, Las Flores, has a hefty price tag from its location. According to Jill, prices in the area have risen by more than 20% compared to last year.

But the most popular young real estate whale is Kylie Jenner, arguably the biggest star on social media. The reality TV veteran bought his first home at the age of 17 with the help of his mother. Since then, he has bought আট 8 million worth of property across Southern California, from the San Fernando Valley to the Palm Desert. In early 2020, after selling most of his Kylie cosmetics empire for ০০ 10,000 million, the 2-year-old reinvested a portion of his জ 15 million vacancy in Hidden Hills and a .. 5 million property in Hol. Neighborhood.

Overall, according to real estate insiders, the more careful the young Hollywood is about the stock market fluctuations and cryptocurrency risks, the safer the average buyer is, in favor of real estate as a haven. Home purchases can even be converted into a Nifty tax benefit and a revenue stream for content creators, as virtual home tours generate millions of views.

Buyers, including Chamberlain and Mongeau, who film most of their content at home, need large windows for plenty of natural light. An open floor plan, high ceilings and large closet keys. For security, gated property is a must.

And while the ideological divide between Baby Boomer and the Millennium / Zen-Z generation is widening, real estate remains a cross-demographic top priority.

“Having my own home has always been a huge dream for me,” Chamberlain said.

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