March 25, 2023


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Everything is coming to the 2020 streaming service – variety

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Even before the HBO Max launches – it goes live on May 27 – WarnerMedia is trying to entice new customers by revealing what will come on the streamer next month.

HBO Max’s June lineup highlights include all 23 seasons of “South Park” that, over the years, have sunk more than 500 million in contracts; James Cameron’s Oscar-winning “Titanic”; And “Adventure Time: Remote Lands” featuring the beloved robot BMO.

The HBO Max, regularly priced at 14 14.99 per month (same as HBO now), will be available on multiple platforms and distributors through agreements with Apple, Google, Charter, Xbox, PlayStation and AT&T / DirectTV. As of this writing, however, WarnerMedia has not locked HBO Max with Castcast, Roku or Amazon.

The new Maxial Originals this June include the Kids Adventure Competition series “Action, Season 3 of” Prank “Search Party” and “Doom Patrol,” “Esme & Roy” and “Summer Camp Island”.

Movie highlights include Channing Tatum, starring “Titanic,” “Veronica Mars,” “Magic Mike,” “Chicago,” “Cabaret,” “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” “The Hobbit: The Solitude of Smag,” and Rome-Coms. “You got the mail” and “When Harry met Sally.”

The new HBO original series launch in June will also be available on the HBO Max. These include “Perry Mason” starring Matthew Rice; “I Can Destroy You” from EP and star Michelle Coyle; And the documentaries “I’ll Go Dark.” For the month of Pride, the debut of HBO documentaries includes “Bully”. Chord. Hunting. Roy Cohen’s story, “” Transformation “and” Welcome to Chechnya. “

Movies that have appeared on HBO (and HBO Max) include Brad Pitt starrer “Ad Astra”, “Ford vs. Ferrari,” the horror film “Doctor Slip” and “The Good Lear”.

It has 10,000-odd content available on the HBO Max on the day of its May 27 launch. These include the Library of Friends; “Big Bang Theory”; “Doctor Who”; “Rick and Murthy”; “Bundox”; “Unmarried”; “Sesame Street”; “New Prince of Bell-Air”; On CW shows such as “Batwoman,” “Nancy Drew,” and “Katie Kane”; The first season of DC’s “Doom Patrol”; “O. C.”; “Pretty little liar”; And CNN’s “Anthony Bordine: Part Unknown.”

Also, during the launch, HBO Max will present a library of more than 2,000 feature films. These include Studio Ghibli’s 20 films Wholes Moving Castle, including “Crazy Rich Asians,” “A Star Is Growing Up” (2018), “Acoman,” “The Joker,” Warner Bros. ‘s collection of classics and standards, and “Spirited Away,” “And” My Totaro. “

Here is the full list of titles that hit HBO Max in June:

June 1:
Fourth and always: Mock City, one season
Adventures in Babysitting, 1987 (HBO)
Amelie, 2001 (HBO)
1981 An American werewolf in London, (HBO)
American, 2010 (HBO)
Another Cinderella story, 2006
Beautiful Girl, 1996 (HBO)
Black Beauty, 1994
Bridget Jones’s Baby, 2016
Bucket list, 2007
Cabaret, 1972
Champ, 1979
Chicago, 2002
A Cinderella Story, 2004
A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song, 2011
Clash of the Titans, 2010
Cradle 2 Grave, 2003
Crash, 2005 (director’s cut) (HBO)
Doubt, 2006 (HBO)
Joseph Liz’s Dream, 1999 (HBO)
Drop Dead Gorgeous, 1999
Uneun, 1984 (HBO)
Elf, 2003
Enter the Dragon, 1973
Far and Away, 1992 (HBO)
Final Destination, 2000
Final Destination 2, 2003
Final Destination 3, 2006
Final Destination, 2009
Firewall, 2006
Inverted, 2010
Force of Nature, 1999 (HBO)
Jharna, 2006 (HBO)
Insanity, 1988
Evening Sesame From Dawn, 1996
Full metal jacket, 1987
Gente de Jonah: An Letra de Otro, 2018 (HBO)
The Good Son, 1993 (HBO)
Gunis, 1985
Hannah, 2011 (HBO)
Havana, 1990 (HBO)
He got gay, 1998 (HBO)
Heaven Can Wait, 1978
Heidi, 2006
Hello again, 1987 (HBO)
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, 2012
The Hobbit: Smag’s Solitude, 2013
Hunger, 1983
In Her Shoes, 2005 (HBO)
Like Flint, 1967 (HBO)
Iron Giant, 1999
It takes two, 1995
Ross, 1992
The Last Mimji, 2007
License to Wade, 2007
Life, 1999 (HBO)
Lifeforce, 1985 (HBO)
Lights Out, 201 ((HBO)
Like water for chocolate, 1993 (HBO)
Looney Tunes: Back in Action, 2003
Lost, 2010
Love Jones, 1997
Lucy, 2020 (HBO)
Magic Mike, 2012
McCabe and Mrs. Miller, seventy-one
Unfortunately, 1990
Miss Pettigrew Live for One Day, 2007 (HBO)
A Monster Call, 2016 (HBO)
Mr. Wonderful, 1993 (HBO)
Must Love Dogs, 2005
My Dog Skip, 2000
Mystic River, 2003
The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter, 1991
The Neverrending Story, 1984
New York Minute, 2004
Knights in Rodanthe, 2006
No reservations, 2007
Ordinary people, 1980
Our Man Flint, 1966 (HBO)
Parallax View, 1974
Patch Adams, 1998 (HBO)
A Perfect World, 1993
Pedro Capo: An Letra Otro, 2017 (HBO)
Personal Best, 1982
Guess Innocent, 1990
Roy, 2004 (HBO)
Ritchie Rich (film), 1994
Rosewood, 1997
Regrets Go Wild, 2003
Running empty, 1988
Secondhand Lions, 2003
He is The Man, 2006 (HBO)
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadow, 2011 (HBO)
Space Cowboy, 2000
Speed ​​Racer, 2006
Grass in the Grass, 1961
The stepfather, 1987 (HBO)
Summer Catch, 2001
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 1990
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, 1991
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3, 1993
Tess, 1980 (HBO)
Tim Burton’s Corps Bride, 2005
Wife of The Traveler, 2009
Titanic, 1997
TMNT, 2007
Mashali’s Song Trilogy, 1988
Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, 1997 (HBO)
Twitter’s High-Flying Adventures, 2000
U-571, 2000 (HBO)
U.S. Marshals, 1998
Uninterrupted Juvenile, 2006
Uncle Buck, 1989 (HBO)
Veronica Mars, 2014
Walking and Talking, 1996 (HBO)
We Are Marshall, 2006
Strange Science, 1985 (HBO)
Harry Met Sally, 1989
Wild Wild West, 1999
Surprise, 2019 (HBO)
X-Men: First Class, 2011 (HBO)
You got the mail, 1998

June 2:
Inside Carbonaro, One Season (TRTV)

June 4:
HBO First Look: King of Staten Island (HBO)
We’re here, season ending (HBO)

June 5:
Betty, Season Final (HBO)

June 6:
Ad Astra, 2019 (HBO)
Yovan Orji: Mom, I made it! (HBO)

June 7:
I Can Destroy You, Series Premiere (HBO)

June 10:
Infinity Train, Season 2 Premier

June 12:
El Asino de los Caprichos (The Goa Murders), 2020 (HBO)

June 13:
The Good Lear, 2019 (HBO)

June 14:
I know this is very true, limited series ending (HBO)
Unsecured, Season 4 Final (HBO)

June 16:
#GeorgeWashington, 2017
The age of big cats, one season
Ancient Earth, one season
Apocalypse: WWII, one season
A small garden, the big world in 2016
Celts: Blood, Iron and Sacrifice, First Season
Cornfield Shipwork, 2019
Lionheart in Richard’s Durant Castle, 2019
David Attenborough’s Ant Mountain, 2016
David Attenborough’s Light on Earth, 201.
Debugged, 2018
Numbers, one season
Dragons and Damels, 2019
Ablani: The Last Years of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 2016
Expedition: Rex of the Black Sea, one season
First Man, 2017
Going Nuts: Stories from the 2019 Squirrel World
Hack the Moon: 2019’s Apollo Ansong Heroes
Food History, Se Tu One
Hurricane Anatomy, One Season, 2018
In Lost Crystal Caves, 2016
Jason Silva: Transhumanism, 2016
King: Filmed Record… Montgomery to Memphis (Part 1 and Part 2), first season
Knockable !, 2019
Leonardo: The Mystery of the Lost Portrait
Looney Tune (Batch 2) (6/22), first season
Man’s first friend, 2018
Penguin Central, 2019
Pompeii: Disaster Street, 2020
Popeye (Batch 2) (6/22), first season
Pyramids Builder: New Klus, 2019
Volga State, one season
Holy place, one season
Scandalous: Untold Story of National Enquirer, Documentary Premiere (CNN)
2018, scanning pyramids
Science vs. Terrorism, One Season
Secret Lives of Big Beats, Season One
Secret Life of the Lake, One Season
Secret Life Underground, one season
The privacy of the solar system, one season
Space Probe !, one season
Speed, one season
War spy, one season
The story of nature, one season
Tsunami: 2020 faces a global threat
Versus Rediscover: The Sun King’s Vanished Palace, 2019
Viking Women, One Season
Vitamnia, 2018
Whale Wisdom, 2019
Woodstock Bus, 2019

June 18:
Summer Camp Island, Season 2 Premier Prem
Action, series premiere

June 19:
Well done. Chord. Hunting. Roy Cohen’s Story, Documentary Premiere (HBO)
Entry Number: Winners (HBO)
Bajo El Mismo Taco (under the same roof), 2020 (HBO)

June 20:
Ford V Ferrari, 2020 (HBO)

June 21:
Perry Mason, Limited Series Premier (HBO)

June 22:
Hard, series ending (HBO)

June 24:
South Park, Asons Tu 1-2-2
Adaptation, Documentary Premier (HBO)

June 25:
Adventure Time Remote Land: BMO, Special Premier
Doom Patrol, Season 2 Premier
Sme & Roy, Season 2 premieres
Search Party, Season 3 Premiere

June 26:
Hermigas (Awakening of the Ant), 2020

June 27:
Doctor Slip (Director Cut), 2020 (HBO)

June 28:
I’ll be gone in the dark, Docs Accessories Premier (HBO)

June 30:
Welcome to Documentary Premier (HBO), Chechnya

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