October 25, 2021


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Facebook Reels, its TickTock-Copicat feature, launches apps in the US

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Facebook is mimicking the flattery of the widely popular Tiktok app, which now has 1 billion monthly users.

More than a year after the launch of Instagram Reels – a tick-ticking video feature – Facebook is bringing Reels to its core app in the United States

Reels on Facebook, such as the Instagram version (and the TickTock app), can include music, audio, and augmented-reality effects. Available on Facebook iOS and Android apps, Reel can appear in news feeds or groups. Reels on Facebook are limited to 30 seconds, whereas Instagram reels can be up to 60 seconds long.

By default, reels on Facebook are ready to be universal for manufacturers over the age of 18, but users can change settings to restrict access to friends.

Similar to Instagram Reel, Facebook said the company will soon begin testing full-screen and immersive ads in Reel (which can be commented, liked, saved, shared or deleted). The social media company will test sticker ads and banner ads on the reels on Facebook.

Also, Facebook is testing the ability of Instagram makers to recommend their reels to Facebook. Preliminary tests include a small number of Instagram creators, who will have the option to recommend their reels on Facebook.

“The ability to create reels on Facebook and their Instagram reels to advise people on Facebook, creators – whether they’re just starting out or already have a large following – will have more ways to express themselves, grow their community and reach new audiences,” a Facebook blog Announced the launch in the post.

Reel makers on Facebook may also be able to make cash from their short-sized videos. As part of Facebook’s announced plan to pay manufacturers more than 1 1 billion by 2022, Facebook is offering a reels play bonus with payments to eligible manufacturers based on their reel performance. According to Facebook, the Reels Play bonus will initially only be invited, starting in the United States and possibly expanding to other countries over time. It also intends to “explore” by combining reels with the Facebook Stars Live Streaming digital gift making program.

Content creation tools for Reel on Facebook also mimic TickTock. You can search for a song from the Facebook Music Library to include in the reel video, or use your own original audio record, as well as select enhanced-reality effects created by Facebook or third-party developers.

Reels on Facebook lets you set a timer to record clips hands-free, as well as slow down or slow down while recording video (to help stay in sync with music or create slow-motion videos). You can sew multiple clips together on a single relay on Facebook (by recording together or selecting them from the gallery).

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