April 2, 2023


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‘Fantastic Four’ director says Black Sue has taken the storm by ‘heavy pushback’ – Variety

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Josh Trunk, director of the 2015 reboot of “Fantastic Four”, revealed that he wanted to cast a black actress as a superhero Sue Storm, but got “heavy pushback”.

Metal B Jordan played Kate Mara, along with her brother Johnny Storm, one of the founding members of Fantastic Four, Sun Storm, a.k.a. – The Invisible Woman. The protagonists are usually portrayed as white siblings in Marvel Comics, but the version of Sue’s film was Johnny’s adopted sister.

“There were a lot of controversial conversations that were behind it. I was mostly interested in Black Sue Storm, a Black Johnny Storm, and a Black Franklin Storm, “Trunk said in an interview with Giggs of Color.” Everyone wants to be open-minded. ‘Maybe it’s Margot Robbie,’ or something like that. When it came down to it, I got quite a heavy pushback from a black woman to play this character. “

Trunk said he should have abandoned the project when he realized the project did not meet his standards. He was open about the background turmoil behind his superhero film, with which he described in an interview as “the most disastrous professional experience of my life.” Diversity Last month.

“When I look back at it, I should have just walked away when this realization hit me and I feel embarrassed about it, I’m not just like that in principle. These are not in favor of values ​​in my own life; They were not standard at the time or for me. I am someone who always talks about standing up for my faith, even if it ends my career. I’m sorry I didn’t take this issue to the mat. I think I failed in that case, ”he said.

The “Fantastic Four” reboot has received mostly negative reviews from critics and fans, and has spent just $ 56 million in the United States and 15 5,155 million worldwide, 168 million worldwide. It is one of the lowest-grossing “Fantastic Four” films to date and one of the lowest-grossing films based on a Marvel property.

After acquiring Twentieth Century Fox, Disney now owns the Fantastic Four and plans to launch them in the future Marvel Cinematic Universe. A Disney representative did not return DiversityRequest to comment.

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