September 22, 2021


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Featuring Nicki Minaj and MadinetYo in A7 AP Fergus Drip’s ‘Move Your Hips’

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Nikhi Minaj has removed your ips hips and dropped a new single called “AP Forg” Move Your Hips “with MedinTV. (We can’t say we’re in love with sexist videos but no artist appears in it))

Produced by Fergus’s “Plain Jane” remix and Mike O’Leary’s Made-It, it created “Ronin” from the soundtrack “Creed II: Album”, the song is the third collaboration between Fergus and Minaj.

Farg’s previous single from April, the song is different from “Mann”, relatively lightly arted. He said about the track, “Look at me now! The ‘value’ video shows the progress of my people. It starts with the image of slaves, whips and chains. People today whip (like cars) and wear chains (like jewelry). My grandmother recited a poem at the beginning of the video about our predecessor and the torture we went through. The video shows that we are still going through these problems, but “look at me now” is a mantra that shows how much effort has been put into the limitations that many of us have put in front of us. I built it as a big rapper and live in a mansion with art on the walls that shows how far we can go. “

During the lockdown, Fergus was busy with other socially relevant activities. He said on his Instagram. Sampson posted a Q&A with Davis to educate his fans about the dangers of Kovid-19, went to Joy Red’s show on MSNBC to talk about the importance of reaching today’s youth, and challenged the collaborators to donate food to their local hospital. In April, he moved from Harlem Hospital’s catering Melba, one of the iconic restaurants in the neighborhood.

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