February 5, 2023


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Filmmaker Kan, Tallinn has denied political pressure with support

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The Cannes and Tallinn Black Night film festivals have expressed solidarity with feature debutant Nora Martirosion’s “Stud the Wind Drop” after political pressure to shut down the festival’s screenplay.

The film is located and shot in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, especially in its capital Stepancourt and nearby airports. The region saw the outbreak of bloody war between Azerbaijan and Armenia from 1988-1994, and hostilities resumed in September before a ceasefire was agreed last week.

Gregor Colin plays a Frenchman who arrives at the airport and conducts an audit to consider whether it is suitable for use.

The ear received a label in 2020 and had its physical premiere in Paris in September as part of an ear acid screening, about the same time as the feud between Nagorno-Karabakh resumed.

Since then, Different It is understood that the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan has issued a letter opposing the festival. Did not respond to a request for comment from the minister Different.

The directors of the festival have spoken in support of the film. “The film is not sowing anger or hatred among the nations. The film is a very poetic dream about freedom, ”said Tina Locke, director of Tallinn Black Nights.

“If a brutal current event catches us, with depth and precision, the film reveals to us a humanity that the director tries to unravel step by step,” noted Can’s ACD committee.

“The film offers something more: it gives us a thought, a landscape, a man, a hope,” says Cannes artistic director Thierry Fremax. “Wind Drop” forces us to see and understand. It is also the role of cinema. ”

“The main character in the film is a country, a country that didn’t have a legal existence, but the story in front of my camera that inspired me was there to host: ‘Wind Drop.’ But the wind did not drop, it turned into a storm that took away life, hope, the future, ”says Martirosyan. “Today the film is a witness to peaceful life and broken dreams.”

The film had its European premiere last week at the Tallinn Black Knight First Feature competition. On Thursday, Martyrosyan and Colin will take part in the next Tallinn film exhibition of the film.

The film is produced by Sister Productions. Arizona film distribution was due to be released in France this week before the new lockdown took effect. It is now scheduled for January 20, 2021. Indie Sales is directing the film worldwide.

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