October 16, 2021


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FilmSharks shut down world sales and regains Patagonic’s ‘Cato’ rights

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FilmSharks International, a Buenos Aires-based sales and production company, has snatched the worldwide sales rights from the patagonic title “Kato” outside Latin America, which will operate Disney’s Star Distribution. The Walt Disney Company has a significant stake in Patagonic Film Group. FilmSharks Subsidiary, The Remake Company, will also manage the rights to the remake.

Guido Rudd, founder and CEO of FilmSharks, said: “We think this modern, urban story full of music and reality will be very welcome in the international arena for distribution and remakes,” added Rudd, who hopes to start selling plays this fall.

The first feature of the Peta Rivero y Hornos, “Kato” is the debut of urban artist Tiago PZ on his screen. Tiago PZK, whose real name is Tiago Uriel Pacheco, is a form of popular Argentine singer freestyle music, Latino electronic dance music, first published in New York in the 1980s.

In the urban drama, Tiago PZ plays the role of a hip-hop artist known as Cato who is in serious trouble with Bara Brava, a violent organized network of law and Argentine football thugs, just as his career is about to begin.

Peta Rivero y Hornos is a skilled advertising and music video director whose award-winning shorts have played among others, including Cannes and San Sebastian.

The film’s soundtrack contains an unpublished original song, “Loco,” which Tiago PZ composed for the film, complemented by his other hits and songs by other artists. Tiago led the PZ in a performance that included Daniel Aroze, Alberto Ajaca, Magella Janota, Rocco Hernandez, Azul Fernandez, Javier de Nevers, Walter Donado and Diego Messaglio.

Produced by Patagonic and Amada Films, “Cato” was filmed between April and May 2021 in Villa Tranquilla and elsewhere in the city of Avelenada in the province of Buenos Aires.

FilmSharks has managed several patagonic titles over the years, including: Ariel Vinograd’s latest comedy “Today We Fix the World” (“How She Aregala El Mundo”), “Ten Days Without a Mother”, “No Kids” and ” I’m married to a dumbass. “

Star Distribution will release “Cato” dramatically in Argentina on October 1.

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