October 20, 2021


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Finnish helmer Alexei Salmenpar embraces his soft side in ‘Bubble’

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Another fresh win at the Jassi Awards in Finland, this time for her short film “The Bouncer”, Alexei Salmenpar is already in post-production at the industry event at the Helsinki International Film Festival with her upcoming feature “Bubble”. In the Fiction in Progress section.

“I was somehow embarrassed by this victory,” he joked. The comedy was shot six years ago and was originally made as part of an episodic film. At the previous Jassi Awards, Salmanpar was selected Best Director for “Distractions” in 2016 and the drama “Void” won Best Director and Best Film in 2019. Among his fans, though, Salmenpar ä called it “the best movie ever.”

“I don’t know what happened! Maybe I’m getting older, but there’s a lot of warmth in this picture. I was much more indifferent, ”he said Diversity.

Showing a teenage girl a desperate struggle to keep her family together, even though she saw her mother kissing another woman, the story will bring her back to the things she faced at the beginning of her career.

“My first feature was family. It’s something I know. This girl thinks that if her parents fail in their marriage, she will also fail. He thinks it’s his fault, ”he said, admitting he wanted to show the general public in the film.

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“Their problems are not visible right now and I think that makes it new. Then again, I never wondered if something was going to be ‘interesting’ or ‘different’ for the audience. I do not believe in such calculations. It just needs to feel real. That’s the key. ”

Produced by Minna Hapkillo for Rabbit Films, who doubles in the lead role with Salmonpari’s regular Tommy Corpella, the film is still one of her trademarks, though: uncomfortable situations.

“A lot of people don’t like to unveil it on screen. Once things get too hot, they just change the channel. But shame, in its various forms, was always something I was interested in. That’s where I find the truth, “he said.

“I love writing these dialogues, the kind of conversations I don’t want to have in real life. There is a scene of sex education in the film and I have not talked about it with my own children. Now, I’ll let them see it instead! ”

“These characters may get hurt, but Alexi’s look is loving and gentle towards them. That doesn’t make sense, “added Hapkilo. “It is easy to act in his films. You can ask as far as he wants, because you feel safe. Alexi always says: ‘Don’t rely on a bag of your tricks!’ He told you to put them aside and stay open.

“The scariest thing for any actor is to let the camera stay under the surface. They want to hide behind the role but I have to take off that armor, ”Salmenparo agreed.

“It helps when you know them but it’s also important to let them know the director. It’s not that I attended the set, already knew everything. I’m not – we’re here to explore. There is a paradox to being a ‘professional artist’ because it implies that you are already stuck in your path. I don’t want to improve dialogue but I want to improve thinking. It needs to run for free. ”

Just as Finnish cinema has continued to do well, “Compartment No. 6”, “The Blind Man Who Didn’t Want to Watch the Titanic”, and now “The Gravediggers Wife” have found teams in Cannes, Venice and Toronto, hoping for international recognition behind “Bubble”.

“It’s an honestly made film and I think it has a chance to be understood outside the country. It’s not a Finnish story, ”Salmenpar said, adding to his producer:“ The only landscape Finnish – there was plenty of snow. We hope Alexi sells the remake rights around the world.

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