September 23, 2021


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For HBO Europe, NBCU, Fremantle, ITV Brother Nordisk Film and TV Hobby Award

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HBO Europe (“Welcome to Youmark”), NBCU (“Sisterhood”), Fremantle (“Cargo”) and ITV Studios (“Thin Blue Line”) have been nominated for the 5th Nordic Film and TV Fund Awards, most for the screenplay in the drama series. The prestigious Nordic award

On a powerful SmackDown, the fifth series, “Cry Wolf”, “Dealing” with the Nordic Nair icons and “The Bridge”, as well as the Danish producer of “Borgen” produced DR dramas.

Adding another edge to the competition, the five contestants are produced by five major Nordic country-based companies and its three largest public broadcasters are Sweden’s SVT, Denmark’s DR and Finland’s Vile, as well as Pan-Nordic Pay TV giant Viplay, part of Nordic Entertainment Group (NT)

The winner of the award, which went to the lead author, will be announced on February 3 at the Gatberg Film Festival in Sweden, the forum of an even more important drama series during the TV drama Vision.
“The social distance of this time, the fascinating and the different stories that bring us together is even more important,” said Sia Adrastum, head of TV drama Vision. “The presence of different forms and expressions in the old, new and mixed multiple genres reflects the current superior Nordic quality,” added Leselt Forsmann, CEO of the Nordisk Film and TV Fund.


Finland Nominated Author: Matti Kinunen. Fremantle sold and Fremantle marked the entry into Finland’s high-end drama, the latest film (“Time Out,” “Miss Blue Jeans”) and TV (“Tarinanmetstageit”), which was started by Kiri, the Eritrean woman, Arriving in Finland to find her husband and daughter missing. When he ran into the petty criminal Riku (Johannes Holopain), the play stretched the canvas to expose the growing international human trafficking business and crime.

“Crying wolf”
Denmark Nominated Author: Maza Jules Larsen

“Borgen”, created by author Larsen (“Borgen”), is an uncomfortable social drama that captures the complexities of adolescent psychology and social welfare in which a seemingly innocent man is accused of the 14-year-old torture of his own stepdaughter Holly. The loss of the safe world of his childhood and his move terrified by symbolic sexuality. Selected for the main competition of the series Mania 2020, Parnell Fisher is co-managed by Christensen and has sold in France (Salto), Spain (Movistar Plus 9, Australia (SBS)) and Germany (Telipool).

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Kanna Wolf
Credit: Gothenburg Film Festival

Iceland. Nominated Author: Jahanvar Gramson

The first completed series from the sale of NBC Universal Global Distribution Management has been released in 2019 from a multi-year development and distribution agreement signed by Icelandic powerhouse producer Sagafilm (“Stella Blamcovist,” “Cold Courage”) and US-based Sky Studios. From creator / author Jahanvar Gramson, whose writing credits include “Stella Blomqvist” and “Thin Ice”. Early Nordic Noir – the remains of a young skeleton named Hannah who went missing 20 years ago, found in a pebble mine in Iceland – the series exposes the guilty party as less infamous, more “guilt, shame”, Gramson said. Different.

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Credit: Gothenburg Film Festival

“Thin blue line”
Nominated Author: Silla Jacquard

Sold by ITV Studios, it presented it on the sales lineup at its third drama festival in February, produced by Anagram Sweden’s 10-part crime processing for Swedish public broadcaster SVT, Nordic, a partner of Denmark’s DRK in “Bridge”. Midnight Sun director Man Marlind and Brazil Stein’s movie “Shade No Tears” wrote in praise of lead author Jacquard, “Thin blue line has been set in Sweden’s multicultural Malm, where six policemen are trying to balance professional and personal life.” Adding to a strong female talent package, the series is directed by “My Skinny Sister” Sanna Lenken.

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Thin blue line
Credit: Gothenburg Film Festival

“Welcome to Utmark”
Nominated Author: Kim Fupz Occasion

For the first time in HBO’s competition, the HBO Europe series is produced by Oslo’s Paradox Film 8AS, but has spawned talent across the region, including Danish lead author Kim Fupz Axon, who has been nominated for 13 Danish film awards in his two-decade career. With 203 debut “Noi the Albino”, the Gettysburg Festival’s Best Nordic Film winner burst into film scenes. Together, they draw a camouflage gallery of filthy oddballs – a corrupt sheriff, a drunken shepherd, a nature-loving bootlegger, a God-hating priest and a mourning pimp – packing a remote Nordic hamlet that doesn’t please outsiders.

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Welcome to Utmark
Credit: Gothenburg Film Festival

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