September 22, 2021


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Forest Appétit test kitchen imperfections condo nust disputes continue

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The talent roster behind the popular Forest Appet Test Kitchen series on YouTube continues to unfold. Two more hosts at BA Test Kitchen said Friday that they would no longer appear in the videos – a continuation of the allegation that Condy Nast is not promising to support diversity in its entertainment segment.

Gabby Melian, a chef and author who has contributed to BA’s Test Kitchen, said she would not appear in the video like Molly Buzz, senior food editor at Con Applet. Forest-declared Test kitchen stars Priya Krishna, Sohla L-Wally and Rick Martinez have said they have rejected the terms of the CNE deal, with Krishna and Martinez claiming they did not accept a fair deal offer.

In an Instagram post on Friday, Melian wrote, “Even after weeks of discussions, Condডে Nast Entertainment is not living up to my expectations of plans to program a more diverse and integrated video. That’s why I won’t sign a contract with them to appear in the video. “

According to a Condo Nast representative, the company has made a “very generous offer” to Melian.

On Friday morning, Lightning wrote in one Twitter post“Yesterday we lost three valuable members of our video team. I unequivocally support their decisions and are deeply disappointed that Condডে Nast Entertainment has not been able to make the deal they deem fair and just.” Buzz said he would continue to work for the magazine. Do not appear on CNE videos.

Bon appetit has been in turmoil since Chief Adam-Chief Adam Rapopart was ousted from power in June amid allegations of racial discrimination in the paper. On Thursday, the company named Sonia Chopra as the executive editor of BA, who joined the title after six years at Vox Media’s Itar. Meanwhile, Condy Nast Entertainment has fired former CNE president Oren Katzeff amid allegations of unequal treatment of people of color. Last week, it announced the appointment of Agnes Chuke, head of Disney Plus core content, to head the entertainment department as president.

In a memo to Forest Applet Staff on Friday, Stan Duncan, head of HR’s Corda Nast, addressed the situation and outlined the results of the agency’s investigation.

Duncan writes, “Some members of the BA team came up with questions about salaries in the test kitchen and whether people of color working in the test kitchen are being paid for their on-air. Also the history of online bullying behavior and social media among team members (in some organizations).” Our concerns were raised about the employment forecast. “

“We fully recognize the need for better work understanding and continuity across our video compensation policies,” Duncan said after an extensive study of BA video payroll practices. “While we’ve seen that everyone was paid fairly for their full-time pay or other means as part of a project or freelance agreement, our lack of open communication about video compensation caused confusion.”

According to Duncan, the investigation, which he said was conducted by an unnamed “third party,” found no evidence that “the nation played a role in determining the compensation of members of any video group.” He added that the company plans to complete a full U.S. pay equity study by the end of the year.

Alex Della and Matt Hunzikar, two members of the Forest Appetite team, were on leave during the investigation. Now that the investigation is complete, both Delaney and Hunjika will return to their posts, a spokesman said, denying in detail what disciplinary action has been taken against them.

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