March 25, 2023


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‘Fortanite’ Chapter 2 Season 2 takes the map below the end map – Variety

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For the end of the second chapter of the 2nd season, “Fortanite” went under water.

“Fortnite” publisher Epic Games has marked the end of its current season with the latest in-game fantasy, as a mysterious room in the Midas office at the headquarters was finally used. At the end of the count, the pillars rise from the water and orbit, sitting on a skull, providing power to the pillars and the edges of the map, bringing the player up into the sky as a whirlwind rises. Twice, the players moved away from the first-person perspective in the office environment, a character who later appeared as a gossip about the Jonsey Storm.

When players return to the map, the storm is replaced by water and the agency is destroyed. Players can resume game mode in the normal Battle Royale and even though the map seems to be submerged now, they can run and run normally.

It’s not clear if the map will continue to look like this after Season 3 officially begins on Thursday. This often confirms fan theories, although most of the season will be water-themed.

Players were allowed to join the event 30 minutes before the kick off, and just one minute after the event began, the “FortNite” pro-Twitter account announced that the event was already “affordable”, encouraging those who didn’t get it to watch through the stream within the first minute. .

The second season 2 season was a little longer than usual, with the start of the third season delayed several times: it was set for April 30, then June 4, June 11 to make sure it was ready for launch. Epic has turned it back on because of “recent events”, probably referring to protests against police brutality and racism following the death of George Floyd.

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