September 21, 2021


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# Free Britney Movement maintains momentum at Spears’ latest hearing

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At around 12:30 pm on Wednesday (July 22), about 50 Britney Spears fans gathered at the entrance to the Moscow Courthouse in Stanley, a suburb of Los Angeles. Members of the #FreeBritney movement, carrying cards, came out during the epidemic to protest the maintenance of Spears, one of the biggest pop stars of the century since 2006.

It was a good time to take a look at the singer’s financial and personal affairs. During the period 2007-2002, which ended in a period of extreme public baldness and umbrella running, Spears was placed under the care of her father, Jamie Spears. The rationale for conservatism, which varies from state to state, is that it can serve as a means of subsistence for those who cannot take care of themselves.

Proponents of #FreeBritney, however, claim that it is in fact an abuse of the legal system, and that criminals challenged by the exploitation or development of the elderly should be expected to take action. A system that limits their voting power, selects legal advice, drives vehicles, they were also wonderfully researched, find medical providers and treatments and much more. As eyewitness Nevada parent Susan Hoye explains in the documentary “The Guardians” it’s “just like stepping into that person’s shoes. You get full access to their lives … legal access.”

Kevin Wu, founder of the social networking site FribitNeiler, claims that Spears’ conservatism would not be where it is today if money were not considered. “Absolutely not,” he said Diversity Outside the courthouse “although I believe there may be other reasons for management, it serves as a strong incentive to keep money-saving arrangements.”

You could say that Wu was the unofficial ring master for borrowing a sentence from Spears’ album “Circus” during his hospitalization in 2006, when he led the protest by reading the High Court’s original papers on a megaphone. In his outcry: Spears has been “deprived of the right to access the council of his choice and to meet with his personal council.”

Los Angeles-based attorney Lisa McCarley echoed V’s announcement to the public, saying, “I’m speaking out against this conservatism because it’s a symbol of the many mistakes that have been made, on so many levels that I’ve seen it.… A judge chooses a favorite court-appointed attorney Where do you get the power to do that? It’s not biased and the way the probate court is supposed to work … it’s not just about Britney, it’s about abuse, trauma and family separation. “

Spears’ North is reported to be worth 59 59 million, but has not been able to legally control its fate for 12 years. The role was taken over by his conservator and father and former co-conservator Andrew Wallet, who resigned in March 2019. The court granted Jamie Spears the role of conservator with her daughter’s assets of about $ 1.0,000 per year, and according to court documents obtained by ET, the largest expenditure on Brittany’s estate in 2018 was her legal and conservation fees, totaling 1 1.1 million this year. Was over a million dollars. Elder Spears recently received treatment for an isolated colon that was cited as the reason for canceling his daughter’s Las Vegas residence. Diversity Reported in May 2019.

The virtual status hearing was supposed to be held due to the coronavirus crisis, but when privacy could not be established due to reluctant participants and fighting over tech issues, it was postponed to August 19th.



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