September 21, 2021


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Free stream showtime shows on Pluto TV channel

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Showtime is unlocking a selection of original programming – with free advertising on a new channel on Pluto TV.

It’s a logical bit of corporate rationale between the two VicomCBS-owned divisions, showtime finally looking for free viewers to rent more than 10.99 / month per month for customers.

The new Pluto TV channel, Showtime Selects, officially launches on Tuesday (December 1) with a nearly two-and-a-half-hour blockbuster, the 11th and final season of the showtime drama series “Your Honor” and “Shameless Top” starring Brian Cranston in the lineup of laun linear-style channels. ) Will include the smooth peaks of the first episode. Showtime selections will feature selected episodes of the full-length series about Fox News Roger, including “Offer,” “Ray Donvan,” “Billionaires,” “The El Word,” and “California,” including the full limited series “The Loudest Voice.” “Killing in the air”.

Showtime – like HBO and other premium services – has long used a free “sampling” promo to encourage signups, and even Netflix has entered the game. The difference with the showtime selection on Pluto TV is that the channel will be nailed as a cross-promotional vehicle to permanently reach a wider audience of free streamers, which had 28.4 million unique monthly users as of Q3.

“We can handpick content from Showtime to reach a whole new audience on Pluto TV,” said Michael Engelman, Showtime’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Providing a way to upgrade our mission and Pluto TV’s mission subscriptions … we want to run this indefinitely.”

Engleman, who joined Showtime in July 2016 after serving as CMO of TBS and TNT at WarnerMedia, added that “ViacomCBS has a real mandate to identify new growth opportunities … part of our remediation around streaming growth is the brand’s new front door. Looking. “

The showtime historian has historically increased its sample promotions during the holiday season, when customers bought news devices and ended up using overall streaming. Lastly, Showtime wants to provide a way to click from Pluto TV to subscribe immediately to the streaming service. This feature is being developed on Pluto TV, a spokesperson said, “We are currently developing and testing multiple products and features to act as a funnel in the subscription services provided by Viacom CBS and other partners and the time will be announced next year.”

The content of Pluto TV’s Showtime Selection Channel will be updated on a monthly basis and Pluto TV will broadcast tune-in to the channel from its menu. Engelman said the teams will work together to fine-tune the mix of programming for best results.

Showtime selections will include ads on Pluto TV, not separate from Showtime per 11-per-month service. These will run as pre- and post-roll ads so they don’t interfere with the content, Engelman said: “It’s still a pretty premium experience, which was really important to us.” In some cases, in the past, showtimes have driven top-of-the-line content and tailored ads (for example, in the episode “Des and Mero” aired on MTV2).

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