March 29, 2023


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French period thriller ‘Full of Party’ – star from Laya Sidox

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The French star of Wes Anderson’s “French Inspiration”, Leah Seydax, will be titled “Party of Fools” (“Le Bal des Foles”), a high-profile drama-thriller directed by Arnaud des Paliers.

The female-directed film is produced by Paris-based company Prelude, two of France’s largest producers, Philippe Roosevelt and Jonathan Blumenthal. The pair had previously teamed up with Omar Sai in Michelle Haznavicius’s “The Lost Prince”.

The first high-profile, big-budget project since the beginning of the Cornavirus crisis, “Full of Party”, is expected in late 2020 or early 2021.

Written for the screen, Arnaud des Paliers and Crystal Barthevas, the film was set in 1893 during the Paris Carnival and is based on true historical events and characters. It is housed in the Piti Salpatriore mental institution for women, presented as the centerpiece of a wide-ranging ball where politicians, artists and socialists all come together to take part in a night of festivities.

Sydox will play the role of Fanny, one of four and a half thousand female patients selected to take part in the ball because of their good behavior and appearance, out of which 45,000 female patients have been selected. However, with the night getting shallow, Fanny has only one goal in mind – to find his mother in the crowd and escape.

Roosevelt said the film has evolved over the past two years. Des Paliers, whose credits include “Michael Kohlhaus”, was approached to bring an “Outer” dimension to the project. In Roosevelt’s roster, Sean Heather’s “Koda” is an English-language remake of the French hit “La Family Belier” and an ambitious mini-series starring Emilia Jones reconsidering the devastating fire that engulfed Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. .

Directed by Carrie Fukunaga, “French Dispatch, Seedax, reprinted by Grady Well, will be seen in the next upcoming James Bond feature” No Time to Die “, as well as Ildika Enidi’s” My Wife’s Story. “

Another film set against the same historical background of Piti Salpatria Psychiatric Hospital, known as “The Mad Women’s Ball” and directed by Melania Laurent (“Gavston”), has now developed Alain Goldman’s legendary films. The film, however, is based on a Victoria novel and has a separate plot from Des Paliers’ upcoming movie.

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