March 25, 2023


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French televisions promise animation, children and families – diversity

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France Televisions has confirmed the promise of animations of all ages through the Paris-based public broadcaster that has announced a raft of series and a call for more animated educational and adventure content.

Speaking at an online press conference on the third day of this year’s Virtual Animation Animation Festival, broadcaster CEO Delphine Ernot Kunsi revealed that the education service launched for school children during the lockdown has doubled its audience and now seeks to further this success.

France Television became the first broadcaster in Europe to set up school lessons on TV this year – aimed at bridging the digital divide – broadcasting content in France for 4 hours and six hours a day and delivering more than a million children a day, according to Ernot Kunsi.

Launched last December, three-to-twelve-year-olds and their families can access a further two hours of adventure content through OBC, the pubcaster’s online platform.

Tiffin de Raguelel, a young listener and director of animation broadcasters, added that more than 40 percent of the content was viewed on Oko during the lockdown, which enabled the broadcaster to promote new content.

“Elementary education has become so basic and from now on some part of our investment in animation will go to adventure shows that will echo the school program,” he said.

De Raguenel added that while much of this content was live-action, broadcasters are looking for more animations in the area, which he added, could bring the genres of history and common sense back to life.

De Raguenel insisted that it also wanted animated adventures for older children. “Traditionally educational was targeted at the pre-school market but this genre was published during the lockdown so we really want to expand it,” he added.

In this vein, De Raguenel announced that broadcaster “Peter and the Wolf” is developing a ten-part short format music series with producer Camera Lucina. “Lose at Los Sonidos” will focus on a deaf girl who goes to a Beethoven concert and discovers a variety of animals derived from each instrument in the orchestra.

Elsewhere, Pierre Seracusa, the French television director of animation, announced several animations for all ages, acknowledging the broadcaster’s commitment to increasing animation across its TV slots by 2022.

In development is a French version of the Rashid UK children’s successful UK preschool animation series “Mumfy” and in the high school pregly section, Watch Next Productions has a 52-part short-form series “Address Shelter” after the exploitation of seven – you old girl, whose parents raised them. Transforms into animal shelters.

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Loose and Los Sonidos
@ Camera Lucida

She was also tempted by two high-tech jokes aimed at older kids, including the best-selling Monelo production, “Me to Your Age,” where a ten-year-old boy forced her back when an old man said, “When I was your age.” Forcibly to restore their experience.

The cyber group was also declared the “50/50 Heroes”: a 52-party who sees that the two half-siblings each have half the power and they need to work together and get to know each other better in order to make their gifts work.

Although France Television has served as a top supporter of European animation, a recent Ampere analysis report on the French market revealed that spending on broadcast content fell ১ 1 million compared to last year, with investment falling from থেকে 2.1 billion in 2018 and 2017 2bn in 2017-2020.

However, the report confirms that French televisions are still ordering 120 first-of-its-kind TV shows in 2019, compared to 60 of one of the most famous commissioners of original content – Fellow Publisher Art 60 and 40 of its commercial rival TF1.

The public broadcaster is also the largest commissioner of new scripted shows last year – starting with the TF1’s 20 and the M6’s 5 with 60 first run shows starting in 2019.

And the good news for animators is that France Television has withdrawn its investment in favor of a large number of scripted content for a large number of comedy, children’s and family and drama series.

In 2019, France Television doubled the number of shows for its children and family from seven to 15; Comedy commissions ranged from two in 2018 to eight last year.

The Ampere report found that French TV groups faced production challenges during the COVID 19 epidemic – working on a flurry of replacement programs – especially proving infotainment and interactive shows to be “safe bets.”

However, it warns that the shutdown of drama production due to COVID 19 restrictions means that a scripted content “hangover” will not come yet.

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