April 2, 2023


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From India Controversy to Direct to Streaming Movies – Variety

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The recent move by a number of Indian producers to release theaters and instead secure live streaming outings for their films has led to an expansion in India’s production, distribution and exhibition sectors.

When Amazon Prime Video signed up to half a dozen movies, and rumors of Disney Plus Hotstar and Netflix promoting other titles, the Multiplex Association of India rushed to defend the movies.

“We urge all studios, producers, artists and other content creators that the exclusive drama window has become a time-tested art practice, not only in India, but globally, for decades to be recognized and respected by all stakeholders,” it said in a statement. .

Following the announcement of Amazon’s acquisition of “Gulo Sitabo”, India’s second-largest multiplex chain Inks has fired its own Salvo. Without naming the targets of its wrath, Enix has decreed content creators not to stand with exhibitors. “INX will be limited to examining its options and will reserve all rights, including retaliatory measures, in dealing with such fair-weather friends.”

On Friday, minutes after another announcement from Amazon, the Producers Guild of India released a prepared statement that was more admirable and explanatory. After producers first expressed frustration at INX’s threat of retaliation, PGI said, “Manufacturers need to move on to business first in order to continue production.”

PGI explained that the producers were the only ones to shoot the barrier and bear the cost of interest. And the finished films need a route to the market while their movie market is closed. “After the movie reopens, we (producers) will do our best to bring our movies back to the big audience for the experience to be enjoyed on the big screen in the way that our movies can always be enjoyed.”

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