September 21, 2021


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Fu Fighters has announced a New Washington DC concert venue

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Washington DC: 30 :: 300 Club is one of the best concert venues in America, a place that almost every major rock band has not staged in the early years of their careers, Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton, Al Green, Willie Nelson, James Brown, Nirvana. , Billy Ilish, Adele, Justin Timberlake, REM, Green Day and countless others. After being closed for 18 months due to epidemics, it reopened in style on Thursday night with a rare club date for Fu Fighters from Native Dave Grohl in the DC area যারা who took the opportunity to tell the crowd that a new and closer location would open just behind the 9:30 club.

The new venue, owned by IMP, the promoter of the Maryland concert, will be an exact replica of the original 9:30 club (which opened in 1980 at a different location at 930 F Street, NW). Its name has not been announced yet.

“Old: 30.: 300 Who remembers the club?”, Grohl asked the crowd during the band’s two-and-a-half hour plus hour set. “It was our church. This is where we got to see every chodachudi band … this is where we all played for the first time. That’s where REM first played. That’s where the Chile Papers first played. That’s where Nirvana first played ম্য magic happened in that room. But guess what?… They’ll open a place that is a replica of the old 9:30 club right next door. No one knows because this is the first time I’m telling you! So, for those of you who haven’t seen the old 9:30 club, I tell you, if it feels the same as the old 9:30 club, you’ll see some real magic.

The band played a set similar to the way they played earlier this year, including their disco alter-ego, “De Gees” (see setlist below).

According to the official announcement, the new venue will be in the place previously occupied by the satellite room. “While the new club promises to look like the original,” the announcement promised, “it won’t have the infamous stench or the huge and lots of rats that remind old school patrons so much.”

The names of the new venue, capacity and deadline for opening the new club will be announced within the next month.

He also owns the Maryland-based IMP 9:30 Club, as well as music at DC venues, the Lincoln Theater, and the long-running Marioweather Post Pavilion in Colombia.

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