March 21, 2023


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Fun, flaky and (picked) addictive – diverse

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The Qibi version of “The Princess Bride” has a flashing moment of low-fi magic when Diego plays Inigo Montoya with fire through Lunar (just after he plays Oscar Nunez and just before Finn Wilford plays) and takes his father’s sword. Made – which hit his father in the hands of a six-fingered man – and gave it to Westley, played by Jack Black (just after he played Common and just before he played David Spade). The sword that Montoya wields is the cherry-red children’s umbrella. He handed it over, and as Westley catches it in the next shot, it’s a blue toy lightsaber, which is somehow perfect, since Jack Black respectfully says it’s the best sword of all time, so you can believe he’s feeling that way about the blue toy lightsaber. Please. The moment, in his way, is irreplaceable. This is part of the reason why postmodern gophers are a kitsky piece.

In the next chapter, you can reach quickly because you run about four to nine minutes, Westley is now starring John Ham. He was able to act in a scene where he faced a heroic pair-fitting sword-wielding megalomaniac Pip-Skekak Vigni (played by Patton Oswalt) in a deadly drunken game, with a superior theory of how he discovered Montaya to win the bamboo game. If you list five great scenes written by screenwriter William Goldman, this famous barrage of oral acrobatics is definitely one of them. But will Quiber work?

It works terribly effectively, as it is clear from Oswalt’s performance that he has probably seen “Princess Wedding” twice and is enjoying the opportunity to jump in that moment. As a ham, he wore a dress-shop black mask and black sneakers, but he The first actor who was present to us faced a romantic appearance that could blow away young Kerry Ellis.He speaks his lines in an elegant way and something very cool happens: you are attracted to “Princess Wedding” as if you were watching the original.

But this is the exception. Quiby “Princess Bride” was put together by director Jason Ritman, who, over the years, with his studded standing readings, “The Breakfast Club,” “The Pond Dog,” “The Big Lebowski,” and (yes) the “Princess Bride.” , He was experimentally missed and the actors instructed themselves to sit at home, for complete-slapdash innocence in front of the bedroom mirror-for-interior-child-play-acting.The result felt like two parts Wes Anderson, one part Michelle Gondry and one part public-access cable. In other words, made for the YouTube era of parodistic – or is it parasitic? – Avatar Snark.

I’ve seen five chapters available so far, which are coming down every day in Quebec since the June 29 premiere. (They took a holiday weekend)) There are nine more left. Why would people be upset? This project is probably more fun – and, “I’d like to be more aesthetically valid” – because the full-movie remake of “The Princess Wedding” is that while it was leaving our affection for the original, it was also one of the gradual endings of our love affair with celebrities and stardom. Deconstruction. We want to find out on the talk show what they really look like, even though they have a performance version of what they’re offering there. “The Princess Bride” gives a different kind of peek behind the celebrity’s mask. The hook is: Choose to do and how?

No-frills, quarantine-a-home became an experiment in different levels of aesthetic star quality. Who, in this context, came to be like a post-day member of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company? And who, even after this outfit, is in a helter-skelter, two-week salt-pepper-pepper-cavid-beard condition, does it make you burn and catch and actually bring you to a halt in your disbelief?

As an essentially arrogant person, I was looking for a lark who saw the Qibi “Princess Bride” that could scatter me on occasion, and out of curiosity about Ham’s camp, I found Mackenzie Davis’s sentimental cress found a turn as Princess Buttercup, and Luna’s Mona And converts the word “preparation” into three full explanations.

There is a kind of race about who could be the biggest inspiration Vigni (Oswalt? Rain Wilson? Angela Kinsey?) And the winner is seen as Nick Kroll, who killed Wallace Shane in his miraculous disguise in Seating Lipp. And a moment that is triumphantly ridiculous And Sincerely: Neil Patrick Harris has played the role of Destroyed Westley, who unmasked and revealed his identity to Buttercup to give him an emotional smoothie – given that Buttercup now plays David Bartka on a cheap wig, making the resonances as true as the original. .

However, you may ask, where is all this? On? In fact, what is the main point?

The key is to provide Shaggy escape soup at a difficult time. In this spirit I would say that I prefer the “Princess Bride” (at least 30 minutes later) to Netflix’s “Eurovision Song Contest” lead-balloon EDM Gaiti. However, of course the other thing is to put QUIBI on our appointment viewing map. And this score is too much out of the jury. The misfortune of the short-film app was April 6, three weeks before the epidemic began, which looked like the worst of the action. But “The Princess Bride” capitalizes on the epidemic and tries to give Quebec a shot of showbiz relevance. What it has created for this viewer is that the idea of ​​Daily Diorlop Diverp is more acceptable. However, if the world becomes normal, the need for such dolphins may decrease.

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