January 29, 2023


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Gaelic Showcase promotes new talent

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Running January 13-February 13, this year’s MyFrenchFilm Festival, an online fest organized by France’s film-TV promotion agency UniFrance, will mark its 13th edition with an emphasis on debut features and dynamic new voices.

Showcasing star power, animated auteur fare and award-winning documentaries – all subtitled in 15 languages ​​– this year’s selection of 12 features and 17 shorts will reach home audiences on 70 partner platforms as well as through MyFrenchFilmFestival.com, where all shorts will be available to screen for free.

In an effort to cast as wide a net as possible, this year’s competition will feature projects tracing the connections between the lives of immigrants, lovelorn teenagers and retirees, from Alice Diop’s groundbreaking documentary “We” to a satirical sketch comedy by Jean-Christophe Muris. “Bloody Oranges,” which tear apart polite society in anarchic glee.

These include Isabelle Huppert (“About the Zone”) and Adele Exarchopoulos (“Giving Zero Fakes”), more than a few coming-of-age stories for Bittersweet Animation (“The Crossing”), Anais Volpe’s “The Braves,” Vincent Includes “Magnetic Beats” by Mel Cardona and “Softie” by Samuel Theis. Festival favorites from Cannes Critics’ Week (“A Tale of Love and Desire”) and Berlin (“The World After Us”) are out of the competition this year.

As in previous editions, online festival-goers will be able to explore the full selection – which presents foundational works by Maurice Pialat and Olivier Assays, as well as promising shorts from a whole new generation of Gaelic voices – through thematic paths dedicated to new talent, through idiosyncratic approaches, and stories of youth, more among many An international jury including filmmakers Emily Atef (“More Than Ever”), Chi Hayakawa (“Plan 75”), Juho Kuosmanen (“Compartment Number 6”), Sergey Loznitsa (“Donbass”), and Albert Serra (“Pacification ” included. ) will be seen during the month-long event to vote for the top prize.

While available on more than 70 VOD platforms worldwide, this year’s selection will be streamed for free across Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.

MyFrench Film Festival 2023

Feature Film Competition

“About Joan” (“À proposal de Joan”), Laurent Lariviere

“A Tale of Love and Desire” (“Une histoire d’amour de du désir”), Leyla Bouzid

“Bloody Orange” (“Orange Sanguines”), Jean-Christophe Murisse

“Magnetic Bits” (“Les Magnetics”), Vincent Mel Cardona

“Softy” (“Little Nature”), Samuel Theis

“The Braves” (“Entre les vagues”), Anaïs Volpé

“The Crossing” (“La Traversi”), Florence Miallhe

“The world after us” (“Le monde après nous”), Louda Ben Salah-Cazanas

“We” (“Nous”), Alice Diop

“Zero Faux Given” (“Rien à foutre”), Julie Lecoustre and Emmanuel Marre

out of competition

“The Bootlegger,” Caroline Monnet

“To our love” (“Nos amours”), Maurice Pialat

Short Film Competition

“Bye Bye” (“Un Jour of the Party”), Amelie Bonin

“Cataract,” Faustin Crespi and Laetitia de Montalembert

“King David” (“Le Roi David”), Lila Pinel

“Let the Beast Rise” (“Que la bette monte”), Marthe Sebili

“Malmusk by the Sea” (“Malmusk”), Dorothy Sebaugh

“Marian” Julien Gaspar-Olivery

“Land of Our Own” (Nous n’irons plus en haut”) Simon Halloco

“Out of the Blue” (“Une femme à la mer”), Céline Baril

“Paloma” by Hugo Bardin

“Titan” Valerie Carnoy

Short films out of competition

“Anxious Body” Yoriko Mizushiri

“A Story for 2 Trumpets” (“History 2 Trumpets Pour”), Amandine Meyer

“Belle River,” Guillaume Fournier, Samuel Matteau and Yannick Nolin

“Laisé inachevé à Tokyo,” Olivier Assayas

“Insects” (“Nuisibles”), Juliet Laboria

“Please don’t touch,” Capucine Gouglet

“The Night Watch” (“Ronde de nuit”), Julien Regnard

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