January 30, 2023


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Geena Davis details Bill Murray set harassment: She yelled at me

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Geena Davis made headlines in October 2021 after revealing in her memoir “Dying of Politeness” that Bill Murray allegedly harassed her during the making of their 1990 crime comedy “Quick Change.” Davis wrote that Murray tried to use a massage device on her in a hotel room and then beat her on set. In a new interview with journalist Kara Swisher (via the “On With Kara Swisher” podcast), Davis opened up in more detail about Murray’s alleged on-set abuse.

“I went to meet Bill Murray and his co-director and a producer in a hotel suite,” Davis said. “And, uh, I came in and sat down with everybody sitting there. But Bill Murray popped up and said, ‘Hey, have you ever tried Thumper?’ And I’m like, ‘What? No. What is it?’ ‘Well try it.’ ‘No no no.'”

Davis said Murray pointed to the bed where there was “a huge massage device with a big handle.” Murray told him, “Lie down here. I want to try this on you.”

“I’m like, ‘No, no, no, thank you.’ And he kept at it,” Davis said. “And I kept saying ‘no’ to where I had to yell at him, ‘Stop asking me! I’m not doing it. Do you understand?’ Which I was too scared to do. So I sat on the corner of the bed and let him do it, and he did it for a second, and then didn’t ask if I liked it or anything. So I figured it was to see if he could force me to do something inappropriate.”

Davis said the co-director and producer in the hotel suite did nothing to stop Murray. “And I looked at them hoping they’d say, ‘Come on, Bill, give it up’ or something,” he added.

A second incident allegedly occurred during the first day’s shooting. “We were shooting a huge scene on a Manhattan intersection with hundreds of extras and giant crew and all that stuff,” Davis recalls. “And they said, ‘We’re ready for you to come on set.’ And I said, ‘Well, the costume asked me to wait here a second. Can I do that, or will I come with you?’

Davis said he was given permission by the assistant director to stay and wait for the costume.

“Seconds later, Bill Murray — in a full clown outfit, by the way — slams into the trailer with rage oozing out of his eyeballs and starts yelling at me and swearing at me, ‘Get out there! what are you doing Move! Move!’” Davis continued. “And he came up behind me and shouted in my ear, ‘Come on! Move fast! Move!’ And we get to this intersection where hundreds of people are watching it, and he holds it up until he says, ‘Stand over there,’ and points to a sign on the sidewalk and starts shooting.

Davis said she was “literally shaken” by Murray and added, “Talking about it actually, it’s still — it’s very emotional for me because I felt so ashamed, you know, for someone who wants to do things right. You know?”

Davis is one of several actors who have spoken out about Murray’s behavior on set. Lucy Liu revealed on a 2021 episode of the Los Angeles Times’ “Asian Enough” podcast that Murray insulted her on the “Charlie’s Angels” set in an “unacceptable” and “inexcusable” manner. Searchlight Pictures suspended production on Aziz Ansari’s feature directorial debut in April 2022 due to allegations of Murray’s inappropriate behavior on set. The film is yet to return to production.

diversity A representative for Murray has been reached for further comment.

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