January 31, 2023


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Glass Onion viewership: 82.1 million hours on Netflix opening weekend

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As expected, “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” took the top spot in Netflix’s weekly movie rankings during its opening weekend on the streamer. A 2019 sequel to Rian Johnson’s “Knives Out,” “Glass Onion” was watched for 82.1 million hours in the December 19-25 viewing window, when it was only available for the last three days. Dividing viewing time by the film’s 2.3-hour runtime, that means 35 million households tuned in, Netflix estimates.

The film arrives on Netflix after a limited theatrical release that began on November 23, just over a month before its streaming debut. The “Knives Out” franchise marked a major investment for Netflix, which paid $450 million for the rights to two sequels in 2021 and another $40 million to make “Glass Onion.”
First. Whether the company will get a solid return on its investment remains to be seen.

With 82.1 million hours watched, “Glass Onion” trails 2021’s “The Unforgivable” (85.9 million), the lowest comparable title on Netflix’s list of most popular movies of all time. (The Sandra Bullock movie sits at No. 8. “The Irishman” and “The Kissing Booth 2” are 9 and No. 10, respectively, but both premiered before Netflix began releasing weekly streaming data, so data on their opening weekends isn’t available.) Of course. , it’s not a perfect comparison: “Glass Onion” had a Christmas premiere, which meant more people were at home to watch the movie, even though they were gathered together, which translated into collective viewing rather than viewing across multiple devices. “The Unforgivable” premiered on December 10, 2021, when viewers might have been more engaged but could have contributed more while watching and watching the movie separately.

Additionally, “The Unforgivable” didn’t grow as much as Netflix’s other most popular movies. For example, “The Gray Man” had 88.6 million hours watched in July, just 2.7 million more than “The Unforgivable,” but after 28 days of streaming landed at No. 4 with 253.9 million hours watched, up nearly 40 million from 214.7 million.” than The Unforgivable’s” final number. And when “Purple Hearts” premiered the week after “The Gray Man,” only 48.2 million hours were watched before becoming the 7th most popular Netflix film with 228.7 million hours after 28 days.

Therefore, “Glass Onion” may still be on the way to a big audience success for Netflix. (It should also be noted that Netflix and movie theaters declined to comment on box office numbers, sources said diversity The movie grossed roughly $15 million in its first week of theatrical run.)

Also notable in the Netflix Top 10 for the week of Dec. 19-25 was “Emily in Paris” season 3 with 117.6 million hours watched in the first five days, reaching No. 2 on the English-language TV chart. The Lily Collins-starring drama is a heavyweight for Netflix, with the previous season spending five weeks in the top 10 chart, though season 3 has already surpassed it with 10 million more hours watched than season 2.

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