March 29, 2023


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GoFundMe has suspended promotions for Candace owners after George Floyd – Variety

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GoFundMe has suspended the fundraiser of Candace Owens, a conservative political commentator at Alabama Cafফে whose co-owner was critical of George Floyd’s protests. Owens also came under fire for making controversial remarks about Floyd while talking to Glenn Beck.

Omens raised more than $ 200,000 for Birmingham’s Parkside Cafe, whose co-owner Michael Dykes said Floyd was a “thug” and protesters were “stupid” in a message sent to a colleague posted online. Three employees quit their jobs and online people started boycotting the cafe after Dyke’s comments were published.

Vance also came under fire for making controversial remarks about Floyd after a police officer died after kneeling on his neck for more than eight minutes.

“The fact that he has held me as a martyr has made me sick. George Floyd wasn’t a good guy, I don’t care who wants to spin. In an interview with Beck, he said, “I don’t care how CNN thinks about changing your life.” “He was in prison just after his sixth or fifth step.”

Owens revealed on Sunday that the agency had received funding from its fundraiser “GovundMe” in support of Dykes’ cafe after it was found to be “hateful, violent, harassing, threatening, discriminating, supporting terrorism or any form of intolerance.”

Vance has taken to Twitter to respond to GoFundMe’s decision

“Suppose my message to young children is not to give them the image of men: climb up the fentanyl, get high on the meth, use fake bills, shake the pregnant women’s stones during the robbery, go to jail 5 times. What a horrible message I really carry, ”he wrote.

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