September 23, 2021


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‘Gordon Lightfoot: If You Can Read My Mind’ Review: A Solid Portrait

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In the opening scene of “,” a very enjoyable documentary about Canadian folk-pop tradabodor, Lightfoot, now 61 years old, sits at home with Kim and watches clips of himself on Canadian television, singing the 196565 song “Lovin for” “I,” the arrogant adulterer . When she wrote the song, Lightfoot was married with a few kids. “Reminds me,” this time came out of my brain. I did not know what chauvinism was Was. “He touches the chicken in his sensitivity. Yet looking at the clips we see the brushes that made Lightfoot a star. In those early days, he was like Nick Nolti’s hint to Ryan O’Neill; god and even then, what he could do with a note was awesome.It would sound, soft and shiny but clear as a bell, that quick vibrato that could melt you with

Some pop music is inevitably happy, such as those given by Casey and the “Sunshine Band” or Farrell Williams’ “Happy”, and some sad, “Eleanor Rigby” or Elton John’s “Sorry seems to be the hardest sound”. But then there is a kind of song that is both happy and sad at the same time, glistening through the rain like a gorgeous splash of late-afternoon sun. This is the sound of Gordon Lightfoot. In the ’60s and’ 70s, words and melodies were poured out from him and they often expressed an indescribable anomaly, yet there was an upsurge between them, a feeling that Lightfoot was transported by the songs he sang. His most famous lyric (he addressed the woman he married while writing “Lovin ‘for Me”) was, “If you could tell my mind, love, / my stories …” and listening to Lightfoot’s song, you almost To be able to Read his mind. He wrote with Dylan’s sincerity (with whom he was friends), in a style that united people and country and pop, but the liquid-gold ilt of his voice turned every ball into a confession.

In “Gordon Lightfoot: If You Can Read My Mind,” the lightfoot was like a different person than the hairy Preppy Cowboys in his wavy days. With Chit Buck’s long hair he now has all-around blocks, straight straight back combed hair and features that are old but sharp and snug, which gives him the simple look of a rock ‘n’ roll wizard look he survives extra – fight with bottles, three marriages, And two more relationships with whom he had children (he has six children). Yet he was the kind of emotional lyricist who made that trauma glow.

We hear testimonials from people like Sarah McLachlan and Steve Earl about his freelance qualities as a musician: his 12-string guitar that he tuned perfectly to sound useless (he was such a strong and inspirational guitarist that for a long time) he needed drums. No), the way he wrote his songs in the music paper, noticing the cantata-like melodies and the way the melodies themselves were made like cabinet pieces like from the beginning, his songs were covered by a dazzling artist and we have Peter, Paul and Mary, Ian and Sylvia, I saw versions of the heartbreaking beautiful 1966 ball “Morning Rain” sung by Judy Collins and Elvis in his case. (Decades have passed since Paul Weller and Neil Young’s editions of the film)

We’ve also heard what Lightfoot, a revolutionary figure in his native Canada, was like – which seems anxious and a bit dull, but not because he did, in fact, discovering pop stardom for a country that was looking for his identity. In 1967, Canada celebrated its 100th year of existence, and for centuries its citizens were asking themselves, “Well, we are here. But who are we? This is a question that was put on the earth to address popular culture and is perfect for Lightfoot’s answer.” “He sent a message to the world that we are not just lumberjacks and hockey players here. We are capable of sensitivity and poetry,” said Gaddy Lee, Russia’s lead musician in the documentary.

The rise of Lightfoot at Startum fears the excitement of the era. He has great clips at coffee houses in Yorkville (then the Bohemian District of Toronto) and folk clubs in Greenwich Village, and it didn’t take long for him to get the attention of Bob Dylan’s director, Albert Grossman, who signed him. In 1970, he recorded his debut album for Warner Bros. / Repris, “Sit Down Young Stranger”, and the record was bombarded. But the song that would become his breakout inspired Warner Bros. to re-release the album after changing the title to “If You Can Read My Mind” which at the moment leaps to the charts and illuminates Lightfoot’s career.

“If You Can Read My Mind” directed by Martha Keho and Joan Tosoni through a conventional convent, let’s show that Warts-but-not-too-close-up-can-be-seen-in-their-style, but the picture can “David Crosby: My Name Remember ”- can be seen as a collaborative piece of – a documentary about looking back at his monsters with an unsupported counter brokers. The lightfoots were less dramatic, but they gave them joy and hurt them. A hilarious part of the documentary in her later life in the Toronto apartment complex after her divorce, her experience with the song “The Circle is Small” is a long-term experience. His girlfriend at the time was Kathy Smith, who (many years later) injected John Bellucci with a speedball on the night of his death, and Lightfoot respectfully called his relationship with him a sinister “sundown,” which he (or perhaps anyone) did in a man’s film Noir. Wrote.

His drinking, on the other hand, gradually had a stingy effect, dramatizing his presence in the 1962 music video for “BlackBerry Wine”, where he became as depressed as he was bloated. But Lightfoot finally became perfect, taking the Canadian wilderness as its refuge, and the film tries to discover something poetic by defending “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” in its last chapter, like a balk on that glorious sea of ​​Superior Lake in Mystery and Mercy. Going down revealed Lightfoot’s own tendency to hit. The song was composed and recorded in 1976, long before he conquered his alcoholic monster. However, it is presented as a kind of mysterious rescue, how it was revealed outside the recording, what we heard is that the band of Lightfoot is playing the song for the first time; They never match the transcendence of that performance. “If You Could Read My Mind” celebrates how Gordon Lightfoot turned his own wreckage into something final.

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