October 23, 2021


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Gravitas Ventures has acquired the rights to the documentary ‘Lady Buds’

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Gravitas Ventures has acquired the North American rights to the documentary ‘Lady Buds’

The Red Arrow studio company Gravitas Ventures acquired the North American rights to the documentary “Lady Buds”, directed and produced by Chris J. Russo.

“Lady Buds” tells the story of six cannabis women who left their livelihoods behind in the underground market to create a path to legitimacy in California as they tried to claim a piece of the “American Dream” they created.

“In her self-confident and ambitious traits, Rousseau highlights sex women who are attractive as they are attractive. David Sullivan, sales and acquisition manager at Gravitas Ventures, said: We can’t wait to play our part in bringing this enjoyable film to the world. “

Sullivan negotiated a deal with Travis Tamrero at the CAA. The film will be screened in 20 theaters across the country and will be available on demand.

The PGA Opening invites selected participants to the PGA Creation Program

The Producers Guild of America has invited 10 producers and production teams to participate in its inaugural PGA Create Lab for emerging and mid-career creative producers.

The Google-sponsored PGA will be created from October 25 to October 28 and will feature creative producers and teams actively developing, financing and scripting features and packaging of the series. Participants will have the opportunity to improve their project pitches, participate in masterclasses with experienced producers, and build their production network as a whole. As the sole sponsor of the program, Google will contribute a variety of products as well as meaningful funding to help participants in their creative process. Designed to provide touchpoints at one-year intervals, PGA Creat’s scripted and documentary cycle includes an invitation to participants to re-invite participants to the PGA Create Forum, a new day-long event hosted by the Guild in June 2022.

Pail Presidents Gayle Berman and Lucy Fisher said, “Google’s significant support is important in this important PGA initiative, a champion of diversity, equity and inclusion.” Google is pleased to join us as we launch this new program to build the next generation of creative producers.

Tonia Lewis Lee and Laurie McCurry, chairs of PGA’s One Guild initiative, added, “Creating PGA this year represents our enthusiasm, hope, and determination to rise and support non-represented producers. Ways to serve our participants for PGA. This excitement is shared among the reputable network of the Guild of Creative Producers who see the value and opportunity as per our plan. We can’t wait to get started. ”

UTA Marketing, which represents Google, has partnered with the Producers Guild. PGA Create was developed through the PGA One Guild initiative, led by chairs Tonia Lewis Lee and Laurie McCurry who also served as chairs of the final selection panel.

7th Annual Mammoth Lakes Film Festival Announces Return Award Winners at the ‘In Person’ Film Festival Event

The 7th Annual Mammoth Lakes Film Festival (MLFF) announced the winners of this year’s jury and audience awards at the 2nd September Closing Night Awards.

The festival was held in Mammoth Lakes, California. From September 22 to September 26, and featured more than 5 feature and short films, including more than ০ 000,000 in prizes and cash prizes for the winners.

“This year’s festival will not only be remembered as a gathering of extraordinary filmmakers that will tell truly remarkable stories but reunite us as a community,” said Shira Dubrovner, director and founder of the festival. “At the heart of what we do is the transformational impact of connecting as human beings and being with each other personally was transformative.”

Top award-winning films from the jury include Rob Schroeder’s Directed and Light Ultrasound, written by Connor Stachsult, Best North American Descriptive Feature, and “Isaac”, directed and written by Jargis Matulivius, Best International Narrative Feature. The winners of the feature-length documentary were “Larry Flint for President” directed by Nadia Sjold for Best North American Documentary and “The Renegades” directed by Lisa Maria Hagen and Maryam Nuri for Best International Documentary. “Isaac” and “Larry Flint for President” have both won audience awards in their respective categories, such as “Social” (Best North American Descriptive Feature) and “Beautiful Idiots” (Best International Documentary Feature).

WarnerMedia Announces Early Talent Pipeline Program for Under-Represented Voices

WarnerMedia WarnerMedia Access announces the launch of Early Career Bootcamp, a week-long intensive workshop that introduces participants to the Hollywood career, which will run from 2 September to 1 October.

There are 0 participants in this program, 10 each from four partner organizations, Respectability, Illuminati, Transgender Film Center and Muslim Public Affairs Council. The team will take an in-depth snapshot of their careers in the entertainment industry through a number of roundtable discussions with incoming and outgoing talent and junior executives. In addition, facilitators will lead conversations on how to enter the industry and provide practical tools to start their careers.

“We’re expanding exposure, access, resources and opportunities for people who often face socio-economic barriers that prevent them from considering a career in the entertainment industry,” said Karen Horn, Senior Vice President of WarnerMedia Equity and Inclusion. “Our goal is to reach out to this unused population and quickly raise their unique voices so that we can build an uninterrupted flow of content creators that will ultimately provide a professional pipeline from writers to future executives.”

The program is the latest initiative that extends WarnerMedia’s commitment to advancing representation in the industry by supporting various creativity and their storytelling medium.

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