March 29, 2023


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Guild of Casting Directors Guild Film, TV Sector for Theater Protection – Various

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The U.S. Casting Directors Guild has called on the local film and TV industry to protect the theater sector as it affects the fading effects of COVID-19.

In all three cases, members of the Independent Guild have reported the organization, but the company says film and TV production companies are in a better position to support the theater’s talent pool with “financial and creative partnerships” as the industry looks to back off its coronavirus.

I’m talking Diversity“The reality is that theaters have to be shut down and theater practitioners are left without pay. What we love is to encourage the film and TV industry, which is traditionally the richest part of the sector,” said Andy Berylli, a CDG member. “What can we do to help?”

The casting director added, “It’s not like trying to tell film and TV, ‘Here are five things you can do to save the Kavid-19 theater.’ It’s about encouraging a free dialogue between the two parts of the industry, so if theaters need something, then TV and film can step by step say, ‘Can we pay for young writers’ schemes? Can we turn the wheel of talent?’ “

CDG member Sophie Parrot highlighted that the world of film and TV and theater has a “highly symbolic relationship” in the United States. “Our success lies in the genre of these different genres,” he said.

The names of most of the country’s global faces, such as “Flybug” creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge, “1917” director Sam Mendes and “12 Years a Slave” actor, came from the background of the Chewel Eziofer Theater.

“Simply put, television comedy, for example, would have changed forever without the Edinburgh Franz, studio film’s top actors would never have discovered it without the bold experimentation of approved theaters, and renowned screenwriters would not have been able to do without their local theater new writing schemes.” The CDG said in a statement.

The UK theater sector has been paralyzed for almost two months, with the first doors closed in the week of March 16th. On Tuesday, the industry body Society of London Theater (SOLT) announced that the closure would last until 26 June and could be extended. Theatrical venues in the country will probably open at different times once the lockdown restrictions are eased.

Top drama producer Cameron McIntosh told the BBC on Sunday that the West End would not be able to stage a large-scale musical early next year.

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