March 29, 2023


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Hackers claim 21 21 for ransomware attack on entertainment law firm – variety

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A published report claims that a cyber criminal ring stole a huge amount of cash from a large media and entertainment law firm – whose clients include Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Elton John and Lady Gaga – in a published report.

New York-based Grubman Shire Mycelase & Sachs confirmed this week that its computer system had been hacked, an incident that resulted in the theft of 756 gigabytes of personal documents and correspondence. It declined to comment further.

“We have informed our clients and our staff [of the cyberattack], ”He said in a statement Diversity. “We have hired experts from around the world who specialize in this field, and we are working around the clock to address these issues.”

The New York Post reported Tuesday, citing an anonymous source, that the hackers had demanded a মিল 21 million ransom from the law firm. The attackers threatened to gradually release batches of purulent data if they were not paid. The agency is not in talks with cybercriminals, and the FBI is expected to investigate, the Post reported.

On Wednesday, the party apparently responsible for the attack shared an initial collection of 1 GB of documents and files on the Mega File-Upload service – however, the hackers’ account was canceled by Mega for violating the Terms of Service and the download link was disabled. In an online post, hackers tried to “sponsor” Groveman Shire Mycelase & Sachs, saying it was “wrong to hire a recovery agency in the negotiations,” and quoted a ransomware remedy company, Kovar.

News of the hack was published last week. The attack was carried out by a group called “Reveal”, according to the cyber security firm Emsisoft. The group has previously targeted companies and entities, including the US-based currency-exchange firm Travelex, which paid hackers বি 2.3 million in bitcoin after the ransom attack, the Wall Street Journal reported.

They have information on the past and present of Grubman Shire Mycelus and Sax clients such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Bruce Springsteen, Mary J. Blize, Ella Mae, Christina Aguilera, Maria Kerry, Cam Newton, Betty Midler. , Jessica Simpson, Priyanka Chopra, Idina Menzel, Run DMC and Facebook.

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