September 18, 2021


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Hal Kecham Dead: Native hitmaker who became famous in 1990 at 67

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Hal Ketchum, the founding father of the country’s music charts in the 1990s and a member of the Grand Ole Opry, died on Monday at the age of 67.

“With great sadness and grief we announce that Dimalia died peacefully at home last night due to complications,” his wife, Andrea Ketchum, wrote on her Facebook page. “His music will live in your heart forever and bring you peace”

Among them with admiration and sadness were Toby Keith, Rodney Crowell, Oak Ridge Boys, Cheli Wright and Lean Rhymes. Keith shared a video of himself covering Kechcham’s “rescue past” which he recently posted in May.

“He was that beautiful voice and the soul of an Irish poet. People fell in love with him whenever he was able to connect the two, ”Crowell said in a video message posted on social media.

In 1991, Ketcham expanded commercially with his first single, “Small Town Saturday Night,” which rose to number two and became a signature song. Radio and records from the now-blocked trade publication named it the number one country song of the year. His main-label debut album, “Previous Points of Rescue” received gold certification.

Other hits include “Rescue of Point of Rescue,” “Sure Profit,” “Hearts Will Roll,” “Mama Knows Highway” and “Stay Forever.”

In February, a livestream tribute show was held in honor of Texas’ famous Gruin Hall Ketchum, which served as a fundraiser for his healthcare. Parnell, Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis. Then posted “To all the musicians,” you took time out of your busy schedule to play Hal’s songs to pay tribute and while watching the show he kept saying, “Wow, they’re my friends!” “

Andrea writes that his wife first shared the details of his condition in April. “I know why everyone is wondering why there are no future tour dates, and there’s speculation about the reasons.” “Our family wants to share the reason. Unfortunately, Halal suffers from Alzheimer’s / Dementia. He has been fighting it for some time but because of his love for the fans he has been performing as long as possible. Dementia is a tiring and confusing illness and now is the time to stay home with loved ones. Hal is otherwise healthy and happy, enjoying time with his family and friends. “

In 1994, Kecham was invited to become a member.

Raised in New York, Kechcham moved to Texas in 1981 with a love of traditional theatrical singers such as Buck Ons and Marty Robbins, and in 1966 he began publishing independently. According to his Grand Ole Opry page, he worked as a carpenter for about 20 years and built furniture for him before the song.

Cheli Wright told a story about Kecham’s generosity on her Instagram page.

“Did you know that he was a great lyricist? Hal Kecham. Did you know that one great record has been set? Hal Kecham.
Do you know who was one of the most sincere and generous people I have ever met? He wrote.

Wright continued, “One of my favorite memories of recent times happened when he and I were on the road to the show together in the mid-1990s.” “It was July and it was hot. Like, the kind of heat that makes everything harder. The ACT of your tour bus stopped showing twice due to such heat. Two of our buses were pulled to the hotel and our tour managers each went to the lobby to check their respective bands. It seemed to take forever. My tour manager finally got back on our bus and told me that there was some kind of snuff and our houses would not be ready for a few hours. I didn’t have hours to wait, as if I had a radio visit to do, then a sound check and then a pre-show meet n gratis and then a show. Hal’s band and crew were able to check in without any complications, but there weren’t enough rooms for us. My tour manager and I went back to the hotel to see if there was probably a hotel gym shower that I could be able to use. There is no such fate. Without AC we got back on the bus and tried to figure out what to do. My tour manager Mr. Saheb was phoning around town to see if he could just rent a hotel room. Again, no luck.

“Just when all hope was lost, there was a loud knock on my bus door. Stairs tied to the stairs and the front lounge as if he had floated. That huge smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. In a slightly mournful voice, he said, ‘I heard there was a girl in misery on this tour bus – which, yes, is hotter than hell!’ I replied, ‘You heard right.’

“Hal was told we had problems with our houses, so he came to give me his house. ‘No, girl. All yours. I’ll find another place to grab a shower ’’ By the way, Hal is a big star at the time and I’m not even a small star. He was also generous and gentle. Hal Kecham was one in a million, “Wright concluded.” Old friend, rest in peace. “

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