September 18, 2021


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Halsi rages through ‘power’ with the help of ‘Trent Rezner and Atticus Ross’

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Sometimes you learn about a collaboration that seems so promising, your first instinct is to turn off expectations completely, lest there be too much frustration when the uncertain chemistry goes away. pfff Instead Pow. So when Halsey recently released one of the best secrets of music, the whole album was with Trent Rezner and the Atticus Ross production team. Rezner is a man who hasn’t paid himself too much for studio-album work since the days when Marilyn Manson was just a light in the eyes of a defensive attorney. The title of an album like “If I Can’t Love, I Want Strength” is better to steel for frustration than to promise provocative fun.

But here it is, and for all that you hope there will be a collaboration between Halsi and Rezner / Ross … except for enough time. In the standard version of the new album, 1 song lasts just over four minutes, and five less than three years – not really much time, the kind of horrible seamer known for creating nine-inch nails. And Also get some flagrantly singing hooks and stream-of-consciousness rage from the river Halsey itself. (Or they themselves-artists have recently opted for a mix of both pronouns.) Somehow, they manage it, a very captivating song that is a little pop-punk, a little big pop-prag, and all-we dare say it? – Pow-Maybe good. The economy with which they are moving forward through this showcase will never allow the album to sink into its hit and run high drama. They’re working on that good old show-biz maxim: they want more brooding.

This is another phenomenon of creating “beauty and beast” to form an effective team. Only, with due respect to the artist’s Renaissance-Portrait-Ready cover similarities, is it really them, Halsey, and not them, Regener and Ross, who are the beasts here. It’s easy to imagine that the producers then got her angry at some of the pregnant Halsey songs. (Parties during the epidemic were actually recorded separately, but still, let’s keep our captivating emotional pictures.) A song titled “I’m Not a Woman, I’m a God,” if you think they mean Excellent god god, consider that another title of the song is “Lilith”, which is named after Judic Lore’s demonic personality. During the last “The Lighthouse”, he finds his way with a sailor who may be the devil himself, and is rising to the top. On the album’s heaviest, grunge-yeast guitar track, he sang, “He’s lying in the water begging God to drown him.” “Because I never wanted to save / I just wanted to find out,” he added, adding Which brings the melody out of the realm of fear and brings back a kind of self-expression that feels weak, to talk to all the teeth. The reason I won’t become influential is because “if I can’t love” is so powerful.

It feels like an album that should come with its own set of FAQs. So here’s Question No. 1: Wait a second, didn’t Halsey just have a baby? How did they come up with the 2021 lowest mother-sounding album? And didn’t they say they fell in love with the baby’s father? Didn’t he get all the memos that all the happy world-mama songs? There is an answer to this, and strangely, it is kind of understandable! Halsey told Apple Music in an interesting new interview that, in part, they made the record to get a lot of lasting feelings out of their chests that might seem strange later on, when Halsey Jr. turns on his mother’s songs. There are so many EastPostpartum depression here, probably can’t be continued in a more nutritious sequel. But also, there is a conclusion to this answer, which connects directly to the music we are listening to with a bun in the oven. Which is: What is pregnancy, if the body does not have horror?

The album is perfect for not sounding like some weird reunion of Taylor-Swift-Meeting-Siv-Barker. (Although, we want to hear that record.) There are plenty of moments scattered throughout that are far more beautiful than Dumier. The most outward of these is a gentle, eloquent, mid-point country-folk song, “Darling,” which is so fingered between her fingers, that Rezner and Ross sought the help of most finger-pickers, all of them, to provide a sweet companion to Flintwood Mack’s Lindsay Buckingham. For. And lest the whole thing not seem unusual, there are several tracks on the album that use the teeth mentioned above for commercial juggling, though alt-rock, not the top 40, veins. We count four rockers that will drive kids crazy if Halsey wants to do an SRO show at some point. “Easier Than Lying,” the third track represents the first entry of drum rolls and fuzz-buzz, and while Halsey covers his vocals in chorus, it’s certainly as close in this life as Rezner and Ross will ever come to create a paramour record. “My heart is huge, but it’s empty / a permanent part of me, that innocent artery / some panting for real attention / some undivided high blood pressure” – these are you on a cardiac 15 or actually blood pressure medication.

Back-to-back winners “Lilith” and “Girl with a Song” provide a great study on the reverse rhythm method that both defenders. On the former track, famous player Pino Paladino and drummer Karim Rigins break Ross and Rezner from their usual two-man-band responsibilities, spreading a slinky groove that makes it seem like a crime when the song stops in less than three minutes. It’s a deceptively relaxed beat for a song by Halsi, which probably plays the real role of Lilith, offering a kind of funny joke about how a sukubas can be, you know, overrated: “It never matters if I own it / because you Let someone control you with the body. “Then, in” Girl with a Gun, “Rezner and Ross recapture the controls with a scatterbrained, programmed, polyurethane that provides a nervously thrilling backdrop for the almost heavenly synth barrier and Halsey’s protesting romance. “I feel light at the waist. I have no hands around me / I don’t spit on my teeth, no, I’m not your daydream” – but not necessarily sex.

Meanwhile, “Honey,” the most honeyed of the rockers on the album, sounds like a fun-filled healing song, but with Dave Grohl in the drums … and it’s actually Dave Grohl in the drums. “He stings in such a way that he means / he means and he is mine,” Halsey sang in one of the album’s celebratory tracks, making it clear that bees sting and swing in this garden in two ways. But that erotic pleasure is not the dominant mood of the record-the second “heart” of the album, followed by the second use of the piano part of the album, on “Whispers,” and Halsey is actually going downhill. In the pressure Complaints like the whole world is thinking about him: “Why do you need so much love? Those Frequently Asked Questions

Halsi doesn’t enjoy fools with pleasure, anyone reads their interviews or the full history of social media. Another fear about this album, to be honest, is that it could be a war-the-patriarchal kind of record এবং and right there the opening number, “The Tradition” goes, and it’s great as far as it goes. But as they announced in their new Apple Music interview, there is hardly a moment of the traditional themed “girl power” on this record. There are a lot of insults to go around a lot of songs, remember, but many of these are self-insults সেরা the best kind, really, if not intended for psychiatry, to hold a mirror to create significant records from artists and relay what they see Don’t be afraid, even if it’s a prism and that person isn’t caught. Making this honest non-girl-power album is really the ultimate riot-woman move. And there is enough positive mental health to break through the cracks that could mean you are saving more That Really for a postpartum sequel.

What we’ve done for sure at the moment is a satisfying full season of “When Pop Stars Rage,” an ongoing series about going wild without any kind of top 40 provision. The Lord gave an episode before Halsey earlier this month, but ironically, his sturdy move was lightened, with more wind “solar power” than wind. Halsey’s wickedness in most cases (with the exception of the aforementioned “Darling” and “Honey”) leads him into even darker than before. Although it feels strangely indifferent. Naming their shackles, Halsey seems to be almost free from them, though it’s a powerful enough job that you don’t want to root for him to move faster than to be pale.

At least we can expect that their next album, whether maternal or angry tunes, will mark a continuation of this special collaboration. Because if we learn one thing, “If I can’t love, I want strength,” moreover, how good Halsi is getting all the time, is what has been missing from these nine-inch nails for nine years: a woman’s touch.

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