March 25, 2023


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‘Hamilton’ has released the first trailer for Disney Plus (see) – Variety

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Don’t miss your shot because the “Hamilton” trailer is here.

Launched July 3 at Disney Plus, the minute-long trailer features footage from Lynn-Manuel Mirander Broadway Musical. The film features footage of the main cast, including Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr., David Diggs, Philippa Sue, Renee Eliz Goldberry, Christopher Jackson, Anthony Ramos, Jonathan Graf, Okier Onadowan and Jasmine Sifas Jones.

In the trailer, fans must have intercepted scenes from the iconic opening number “Alexander Hamilton” and Goldsbury’s show-stopping song “Satisfied”.

The rap-inspired music about the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton was supposed to hit theaters on October 15, 2021, but Disney released it last month. With most movie theaters still closed due to the carnivirus epidemic, the film is one of several expected releases in an otherwise quiet few months.

Disney paid 75 75 million for Miranda’s musical rights, a hefty fee for the show, which premiered on Broadway in 2015. It also won a Pulitzer Prize for drama that year.

This week, some “Hamilton” fans were disappointed that Disney Plus stopped offering free trials, less than three weeks before the musical premiered. However, the fairly new streaming platform has been a huge success, bringing in 55.5 million subscribers worldwide in early May, just six months after its launch.

There are still plans for a bigger screen version of “Hamilton” but they are still a long way off.

Watch the trailer below.

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