March 25, 2023


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‘Hamilton’ premieres Disney Plus apps up 72% in US – Variety

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“Hamilton” Distributed for Disney Plus – Lynn-Manuel Mirander aroused an interest in app downloads during his July 4th debut with a remake of the founding father’s life with the music film.

The movie premiered at the Disney Plus streaming service on Friday, July 3 to Sunday, and the Disney Plus app was downloaded 513,323 times worldwide, including 266,084 times in the United States, according to the analysis firm Aptopia.

This means that in the United States, total Disney Plus downloads were 72.4% higher than the four-week average in June 2020, according to Apopotier data. App Worldwide, app downloads were 46.6% higher than the average. (Global numbers do not include India or Japan, as those countries provide Disney Plus services through prefixing apps.)

Disney continues to bank on “Hamilton” to pay customers directly-to-customer: Note that in mid-June, Disney Plus stopped offering a free seven-day trial. It certainly remains a question, as new customers of Disney Plus are still standing around him after serving the “Hamilton” hype.

In terms of net subscriber gains, the “Hamilton” bump for Disney Plus was certainly more than a reflection of mobile app data, as people could sign up for the service online and via smart TV (and not even download it to mobile), noted Aptopier Adam Blacker. VP of Insights and Global Alliance. In early May, Disney Plus signed up 54.5 million subscribers worldwide just six months after its launch. In the United States, it is 99 to 6.99 per month or per year. Costs 69.99.

Featuring the main cast (including Miranda in the title role), the film “Hamilton” appeared on stage in New York as well as a “live” recording of the music through six cameras. In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, Disney moved the movie to a live-streaming release a year before it was originally scheduled to play in theaters.

The Thomas Kyle-directed feature film, which also hosted the show on Broadway, said, “Edited like the halftime spectacle of the world’s longest Super Bowl. Diversity Veteran film critic Peter DeBruze wrote in his review.

“Hamilton” stars Lynn-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr., David Diggs, Renee Ellis Goldberry, Jonathan Grof, Christopher Jackson, Jasmine Sifas Jones, O’Keefe Onadowan, Anthony Ramos.

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