September 23, 2021


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‘Hamilton’ Reunion Presses for Golden Globes with Video (Exclusive)

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On Saturday afternoon a screen actors’ guild gathered at Hamilton’s cast “Zoom Where It Happened” for a Q&A, the first stop on the awards circuit.

Tony Award winners Lynn-Manuel Miranda, David Diggs, Renee Ellis Goldsbury and Leslie Odam Jr. came together for Jonathan Graf, Christopher Jackson, Jasmine Sifas Jones, O’Keefe Onadowan, Philip Sue and director Thomas Kay.

Originally published on Broadway in 2015, the founding father, Alexander Hamilton, hit for Disney Plus immediately after it was released on the platform in July.

This is the first time the actor has come together since Virtual Georgia’s fundraiser in early December. After recalling their auditions for the push, Kyle captures the gist of the story and his work was “very clear … respectful and captures what we’ve been doing for the last few years” from June 26-26, 2016. The film was shot during three performances.

The chemistry of Miranda and Odom is clear on the screen. “One of the secrets to the success of the relationship is that we’re wired differently,” Miranda says. “I think he has a resting pulse rate of 6, and I’m a very tall man. We are friends and we love each other. It works. “

“I’m not a fan of my own, but I can look back and be proud of that performance,” Odom says. “I have so much performance for Lin. He gave me his eyes and soul, not just words. He’s half of it. Tommy [Kail] Allowed us to see it. “

Characterized by the Schweiler sisters, there were three very prominent women, Goldsberry, Cephas Jones and Sue, who had a strong bond. “Join us, we’re waiting for you to be the next filmmaker, the next screenwriter, the more voice, the better,” says Sue for the next generation of girls arriving in film and theater venues. Don’t say ‘no’. You have to show up. ”He added about the importance of friends in fine arts,“ The world doesn’t let you lie and tells you that you are competing with your sister. ”Jones says,“ Dream as much as you can, your fear. There will always be, but it’s learning to work through your fears, so what you want to do doesn’t stop you. “

During the shooting of the film, Graf left production with David Fincher on Netflix’s “Mindhunter”. It didn’t really register for him that he was protesting his role for a film camera ris “I was just living what I learned from Lin and the company,” he says. “You can be as big or small as yourself [on stage]. You are just free to fly. Even when I saw it, I didn’t think it would be found That Good. “

Diggs falls in love with the whole cast and shares his fun in the roles of multiple Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson. There is a scene where Jefferson walks by Aaron Barr (Odom Jr.), holding a pamphlet. Every night, Diggs would try to snatch it from Odam’s hand, and every three or four nights he was able to do it. The filming captured one of those rare moments that prompted Kyle to text “thank him.” Diggs was looking for a location for his upcoming television series “Blindspotting”, in which Cephas Jones will star further.

Jackson, who plays George Washington, the most iconic and recognizable historical figure in the story, described the role as his own and musical, saying, “The composer knew you had a huge responsibility to sing notes.”

Onaudowan, who fondly goes with “Oak,” fell in love with the show after seeing the workshop production at Vassar College. Also playing dual roles throughout the film (Hercules Mulligan and James Madison), he said, “I wanted to make them different. The challenge was to embody two different people and make my voice flexible. It made me shit. “

The event was extended to other voting groups, including members of the SAG Nomination Committee, including the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which holds the annual Golden Globe each year.

“Hamilton” is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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