March 25, 2023


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Harry Gesner Futurist Ravens House in Malibu asks for 14 million – Miscellaneous

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The greatest maverick architect of life, the WWII veteran, the aspiring surfer, and the surrounding Tinseltown treasury, Harry Gesner is perhaps most famous for the iconic Wave House in Malibu. Set directly on the sand, the house, built in 1957, was recently immortalized in the 2019 film “Yesterday.”

It goes without saying that the modernist master, now 95 and still active in his Malibu community, is a one-man strategic pony. Gesner also designed this moody villa in Las Flores Canyon, located at the foot of the hilltop on the beach town, which is now worth $ 14 million, and the gothic wooden arches are criss-crossed and enclosed in the glass-shelled fad of the house, which is a gar, more oppressed Sydney opera house. Remember the memory.

The structure is internally defined by its huge central Great Room LAA. Its south bay glass church is apparently reminiscent of Lloyd Wright’s enthusiastic wafers chapel. (Gessner was a one-time apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright)) There are many spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the Malibu coastline through the glass wall. There is also a fireplace, slate floor and a 25-foot. Ceiling.

In Dubbed Ravens, the nearly 4,500-square-foot home is not just a matterless visual gimmick. It also packs a full cabdale of luxurious amenities like swimming pools, hot tubs and various patios and terraces, almost all with a view of the Dumdum Sea. More importantly, given its location, the house was painted by a stone mason, designed to withstand the flames of a wildfire.

The three-bedroom, three-bath structure, however, is less than a house, but it does not show the place as the residence of the evil villain in the James Bond movie. Take a look at the photographs and it’s easy to guess that Zenia Onatopp is encircling this or that angle, just waiting for some unknown block to enjoy a good contraction between her strong thighs.

The property, now owned by English businessman Gavin Kane, sold for about ৯ 3.9 million in 2007, according to public records. Since then, it has been extensively upgraded in collaboration with Jessner with the help of larger kitchens and redesigned windows. After all, the 1957 Aristrim trailer is in its infancy at the asking price.

Dustin Nicholas of the Nicholas Property Group contains the list.

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