January 31, 2023


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Harry Styles fans protect the singer from Candace Owen’s tweets

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Celebrities and fans rallied Monday to defend Harry Style in response to a negative tweet about Conservative writer Candace Owens’ artist.

Owens’s remarks in her post on Saturday voiced concerns about male feminism in photos from Vogue magazine from the cover shoot of Harry Styles.

Owens tweeted, “No society can survive without strong men.” “The East knows it. In the West, teaching our children Marxism at the same time is not a coincidence that our men’s unwavering feminization is a coincidence. This is absolutely an attack. Bring back the men. ”

On Monday, fans quickly defended his decision to reveal himself through styles and clothing, trending the subject on Twitter. Several celebrities like Olivia Wilde, Zach Braff and Jamila Jamil also took part in it.

“Lord of the Rings” star Elijah Wood responded that “masculinity alone does not make a man”, adding later, “there is really nothing to do with it.” A similar reaction echoes in his words that Olson’s conception of humanity is not something inherent in masculinity based on cultural expectations formed over time.

“Harry Styles is a lot of Manly, because Manly is what you want,” Jamil said. She added an image that represented 18th-century Euro-centric fashion choices in wigs, makeup and tights, suggesting that Owens could now be considered “feminine” which was once “masculine”.

In response to the sharp response, Wans doubled his position in a few tweets of the series on Monday.

“I’m inseparable from the culture awakening. It wouldn’t be silly to show me 50 examples of something,” he said, responding to posts by his critics as well as promoting his book.

Read more responses from fans and celebrities below:

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