September 18, 2021


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Harvey Firstein on AIDS, Gay Rights and ‘Bella Bella’ lessons

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Tony-winner Broadway’s favorite Harvey Firstein can’t be on stage right now – so he’s bringing his new work to your ears. After a premiere at the Manhattan Theater Club last year, her play “Bella Bella”, in which Firestein starred in the solo show Bella Abzug, an activist and politician, has now reached Shravan with a new timeless relevance to a country. Coronavirus shutdown and ck in a national census encouraged by the Blon Lives Matter movement

Listen to this week’s “Stagecraft” podcast below:

Speaking of the latest episode of “Stagecraft,” Diversity‘The theater’s podcast, Firstein, mentions that his play has a story about Abjug going south because he is the only lawyer who will take action to protect an accused black man and fight against another misinformation about Abjug’s experience in politics and voter repression. He said both sections of the show have now taken on new resonance, adding that he was initially inspired by the 2016 presidential election and the dirty politics he saw against Hillary Clinton. He realized that the tactics were reminiscent of the methods of the opponents of Abjug 40 years ago.

Fearstein recalled that Clinton was anti-Israel: “I said, ‘I know she’s not anti-Israel. He was Secretary of State. Where is it coming from? Who will make this thing up? But it seems terribly familiar … ’And then I remember, almost line by line, they said the same thing about Bella. And I realized that this is the same boys club, and the boys club is coming up with this thing … for you not to vote for it. “

Feuerstein added that he felt a real urgency to get out of the “Bella Bella” of the world. “I wanted to do it as soon as possible,” he said. “The idea is: do the play, and as soon as the play is over, leave the plays to groups that want to raise money for female candidates. I have created a version of put that can be read, a concert version of it, so that they can run to the office. Can go to any woman and use it as a fundraiser. “That was the idea,” he explained, before the Covid epidemic shook the way to the 2020 campaign.

Also in the new episode of “Stagecraft”, Firestein reflects on his experience with the AIDS epidemic and his fight for gay rights, influencing his views on the coronavirus epidemic and the rebellion in support of black life.

“Those of us who survived the AIDS epidemic are in no way terrified,” Firstein said of the current epidemic. “We’re more angry.”

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