October 16, 2021


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‘Have someone inside your home’ review: Put a new face to fear

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On Netflix’s latest horror offer, someone is coming from inside the house, a mask-killer slasher cleverly enough: said the killer’s masks resemble each hunter’s face. Based on Stephanie Perkins’ novel of the same name and her producers Shawn Levy (“Stranger Things”) and James One (“The Conjuring,” “Malignant”), “Fear Street” stands by the Netflix release, including “Someone in Your Home.” And while the smaller screen version of “Scream” has been successful, if smaller, a genre entry is still trying to recreate the days of the 1980s.

Our first victim is not the most sympathetic to the statistics – shortly before his extraordinary bloody stabbing, Osborne High star Quarterback was shown photographic evidence of violently hating a coworker – resulting in a divided reaction at his school: when his peers, , The group we follow doesn’t seem too boring. This includes our heroine Makani (Sydney Park), who found herself in a small town in Nebraska when a suggested trauma sent her packing from Hawaii.

Next on the list of killers is the president of the student organization, who has similarly presented evidence of his misdeeds towards its violent consequences. A pattern thus established, naturally raises the question of whether any of their classmates are literally embracing the idea of ​​abolishing culture – and whether they are aware of what happened as a result of Makani’s sudden move.

Nothing if not timely, the description of the photo touches on everything from gender pronouns to insulting the police. The most real is the literal secret party where the attendees try to disarm the killer among them by revealing their underlying truth to each other. Unfortunately for them, these confessions fall more into the category of crush and bad poetry that forces their murderous colleagues to release them and move on without taking another life. A flurry of Makani: As we see glimpses of the burning past, he was involved with the exiled Oli (Theodore Pelerin), who was suspected of being his best friend and co-killer.

This aspect of “screaming”, almost like any other teen-centered slasher, takes a lot of pain to avoid the unforgivable sin of “there’s someone inside your home” sincerity অন্ত at least at first. The film’s tongue is firmly planted on his cheek, its characters sometimes act as if they know they’re in a scary movie, and you can’t tell if you’ll cry or cheer when you pass another teenager. “You want money?” The shattered quarterback asks moments before his death, “Because I can make you Venmo right now.” It’s a funny line, as there are others here, but the film sometimes doesn’t happen when trying to be humorous and horrible at the same time.

Bryce and screenwriter Henry Gaiden (“Shazam!”) Have no thread needles. Ever since Wes Craven went to meet with the genre he helped establish, it has become obscure to create slashers without hitting the viewer’s eye at least once or twice. But while somewhat embarrassing isolation isn’t necessarily an obstacle, many next-day horror flicks make it difficult to invest in their stories in an effort to show off their humor. Despite initially being prepared to repeat this very cool mistake for the school, “no one” overcomes it with an emphasis on liberation rather than revenge.

It’s fresher than it should be. Lots of nostalgia-distracting horror films pay homage to their ancestors when they add their mark to the genre (“following it” may be the strongest, most provocative example), but there is a growing feeling that the genre reached the 80’s and is not there. Trying to move forward. This seems strange to a movement that was not fully formed until the 1970s, the idea was so easily accepted that there is nothing new under the sun and the success of “no one” depends on the fact that it ultimately clings to the past rather than the future.

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