March 21, 2023


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HBO Max, Quebec Cannon March-Do Film Online Online – Various

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Warnermedia’s HBO Max and Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Quibie will be featured on Do Film Online’s streaming platform in March next year, as the world’s film industry seeks a strong hand on the potential role of streaming platforms in future film financing and distribution business models.

The keynote address by HBO Max is described as the first international presentation since its May 27 launch.

With the building of ad-supported platforms as an alternative to subscription-based services and only minority art films can release significant dramas outside their country of origin, March’s Meet Streamers Conference Strand, now fully online, from AVOD services Tubi and Arthouse Platform, US service Kino Markey and Su Eden’s Drain Film from

“Customers of the previous version showed the need to connect different parts of the industry with our studio and constantly evolving streaming models from around the world,” said Jarum Pillard. “Before March, more than two films, we needed to provide professional platforms in the film industry.” Establish, bond and learn from each other. ”

HBO Max’s keynote address will be watched by Sandra Dewey, Warnermedia Ant. President of Production and Business Activities, WarnerMedia rehearsals on launching the streaming platform.

The Cannes Film Market said in a press release on Thursday that DV “will focus on the unveiling of the evolving streaming landscape and the importance of cultivating and nurturing the inherent talent in the unprecedented period.”

“Our industry has never before faced an experienced challenge, a tremendous opportunity to emerge from the brink of change,” Dewey added in a statement.

Co-founder Katzenberg acknowledged, however, that CEO Meg Whitman argued in a May 11 deadline interview that CEO Meg Whitman argued that rebuilding the UK was not “close to what we wanted.” Launched Qibi, a mobile, short-form content application Law launched the US is running, which could increase the use of short form video for the service.

Participants and keynote addresses will be announced at a later date.

In more panels and conversations, also accessible to industry professionals registered with Marchu du Film Online, TUB Chief Content Officer Adam Levinson Richard Cooper, Ampere Analysis Research Director, “What’s Next to Compete and Discuss More ?, incoming subscription service. “

Panelist Jaume Ripple, co-founder and editorial director of Spain-based Filmin, a successful art-film, featuring an upscale series platform, on a panel centering on innovative independent streaming platforms around the world; Richard Lorber, a veteran U.S. veteran, president of Kino Marquee, and Kino Lorber, a buyer of multiple major festival winners; And Ole Azbroe, head of the acquisition of Drain Film, supported by Sweden’s leading arthouse SVOD service, the Gatberg Film Festival.

Jean-Christophe J. Lamontagon and Kyle Greenberg, presidents of the Montreal-based H264 and Brooklyn-based Circle Collective, will take part in the firestorm, described as a fireplace for new and exciting ways to go global distribution through ‘traditional’, respectively.

To ensure the diversified growth of the film industry, we need to have a better understanding of how to relate to streaming services and how each model works, ”said Alexandra Zakharchenko and digital strategy consultant Quentin Carbonel, who collaborated with Stratters.

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