October 20, 2021


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Heads of government funding from Ibaro-America will meet in Buenos Aires

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Hosted by the Cannes Festival and Market and Argentina’s INCAA Film Agency, Ventana tunes, Latin America’s largest film-TV event this year, are growing critically fast.

In a significant development, INCAA President Luis Puenzo confirmed Diversity That Ventana tune will coincide with the latest meeting of the CAACI, the agency of the Ibaro-American government audiovisual authority-Latin America, Spain, and Portugal এবং and its largest dedicated film fund, Ibermedia.

Both will run in parallel to the Ventana tune, which is held November 29-December. 3.

The agenda of the CAACI meeting will not be made. But two things are inevitably seen to be on the table, one way or another. One is to help revive the film industry in the region. The Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic has hit Latin America more and longer than most parts of the world.

Another is how to ensure the healthy growth of the local film-TV industry when U.S. global studio streamers have emerged as a lifeline for large local production companies in most parts of the region.

“I would say that there is no region in the world that does not imagine its future. But it’s not just a question of getting out of the epidemic. If we talk about audiovisual production in Latin America, the plague has accelerated what we have seen. “Times have changed, other stories and ways of producing and distributing them have come along. But it is a movie of history and we are ready, ”said Pueblo.

“Changes in the situation have always been about technology, the attitudes of the manufacturers and the habits of the audience,” Pueblo added, adding that change should be seen as a “challenge” and an “opportunity to imagine.” Imagining literally means making pictures, he noted.

But whether Latin America will enact legislation equivalent to the EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive is actually a controversial question. The health of the local film industry rarely seems to be a priority in Mexico or Brazil.

In terms of TV series production and new technology, in combination with other audiovisual sectors, however, Ventana is gaining in tune profile.

After rushing to Earthhouse, animation and genre, Ventana Sur Can announced in the March du Film that it would launch a comprehensive video games forum, Las McQuinitas, in this year’s edition.

The Madrid-based Spotlight is offering cash prizes of € 15,000 ($ 17,700) and € 5,000 ($ 5,900) for the development of two Latin American series at Ventana Sur Soloseris in exchange for exclusive rights for more than 18 months.

In another sign of a possible comeback, the Ventana tune has never received so many requests for recognition, its co-director Bernardo Bergeret San Sebastian noted.

Latin Americans traveled to San Sebastian this week more than last year. But looking at the Ventana tune, it looks like it could mark a major reunion in the region.

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