October 23, 2021


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HFPA has named five outside journalists to join the credentials committee

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The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has announced the latest step in its ongoing reform efforts, with five outside journalists to join its credentials committee, which will be tasked with helping screen and select new members.

HFPA notes that one-third of its board is now made up of members of color and two-thirds are women.

The nine-member certification committee is comprised of Travel Anderson, Terry Anzur, Bell Hernandez, Tony Moston and Dr. All Alyssa Richardson. Also on the committee are current HFPA members Barbaros Tapan, Alessandra Venezia, Michelle Manelis and HFPA President Helen Hoen. The committee is expected to announce the new members of the HFPA by Friday.

The Certification Committee is now reviewing journalists who have applied to become HFPA members.

“We are extremely grateful that these five highly respected journalism professionals – each with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in their field – are devoting their time and energy to ensuring an inclusive makeup of our association,” said Hoyne, who was selected for her new role in September. “In the last few months, we have changed our governance structure from top to bottom. Inclusion will be a key part of our new organization, and this new structure not only allows us to grow, but also add unique, representative voices to journalists around the world.

Anderson is currently the editor-in-chief of Toronto Extras and co-host of Maximum Fun Podcast, FANTI, and formerly the director of culture and entertainment for Out magazine. Their credit to the Los Angeles Times includes four years. Anderson regularly discusses culture, LGBTQ issues, inclusion and diversity.

Anjur is a media consultant and former KTLA anchor. He has worked for CBS on stations in Rhode Island, West Virginia, Miami, Atlanta and Houston, as well as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and West Palm Beach, and was a Washington, DC correspondent for NBC stations.

Hernandez is a journalist and CEO of Latin Hit Media. Mastan is a publicist with 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, including Disney / ABC, 20th Century Fox and Lifetime. Richardson is a writer and assistant professor of journalism at the Annenberg School of Southern California.

The new HFPA Advisory Board oversaw the selection of these five new outside members of the reconstituted Certification Committee. The class of new members will be announced within a week.

Over the past few weeks, HFPA has announced the appointment of Shaka McGlotten, Santiago Pozzo and Paula Williams Madison to the HFPA Advisory Board, as well as the appointment of JF Harris, Dr. Joe Joanna Dodd Massey and Charlotte Humbrick as the first independent directors for HFPA. .

There are allegations against the Certification Committee for screening potential members. Here are the new criteria for applicants as revised in August:

Applicants can now work for any foreign publishing medium: print, radio, television, online, or a photojournalist. The previous condition only allowed print journalists.
Applicants can reside anywhere in the United States. It simply replaces the previous requirement of living in Southern California.
Applicants must submit eight examples of their journalism work products from the last two years. The Certification Committee will determine the required number of clippings in the following years.
The qualifications of journalists outside of those approved by the Otion Motion Picture Association (MPA) have now expanded.
প্রয়োজনীয় The need for sponsorship has now been removed and the role of the Credentials Committee will include credible journalism and third parties from other organizations focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion.
• New members will be allowed to vote on the Golden Globe immediately, board members will be allowed to vote and serve on the committee.
Current All current members must meet the criteria as incoming members for re-recognition of their membership. The process will be annual and members can begin submitting materials to the Certification Committee.

In May, the 5-member HFPA announced a timeline that would restructure the organization, and in July the HFPA approved a new constitution that proposed reforming the organization, recruiting more diverse and inclusive members, and addressing ethics and accountability. The problems that have plagued the organization for so long.

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