September 18, 2021


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Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Elected new board members

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The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has announced the election of its expanded board of directors, which includes 12 members পাঁচ five of whom have not served on the board এবং and is set to elect three more members out of the next 15. Next, the HFPA will vote for a new president from within the board.

Tuesday’s announcement also included the naming of three members of the HFPA Certification Committee, which is responsible for overseeing ongoing reform plans to restructure the organization based on greater inclusion in accountability, ethics and diversity of world journalism.

The new board comes after the HFPA approved new restrictions that would reform the system, including a requirement to include three external members on the board.

“Our bylaws in early August are an important signal for the voting industry that we want to keep our commitment to reform,” said HFPA President Ali Sar. “The results of today’s election have created a new, stronger governance structure for the HFPA. We are confident that with this new board – and soon, a new president – accountability, diversity and inclusion will be at the heart of everything we do.

Here is a list of the first 12 new board members (three more non-members will be elected):

Helen Howen
Gabriel Lerman (never served on board)
Sabrina Joshi (never worked on board)
Yukiko Nakajima
Scott Orlin
Kirpi Uymonen
Henry Arnaud (never served on board)
Barbara de Oliveira Pinto
Barbara Gasser (never served on board)
Tina’s father Christensen
Congratulations to Ramex (never served on the board)
Armando Gallo

And here are the first three members of the new Certification Committee (five more non-members will be elected):

Michelle Manelis (never served on board)
Barbarossa Tapan (never served on board)
Alessandra Venezia (never served on board)

All new board and committee members will undergo diversity, equity and inclusion and leadership training for their respective roles. HFPA members will vote directly for the new president of the organization from among the new board members later this week. Also next: a three-member Board of Directors, five-member Certification Committee members, as well as a new CEO, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Diversity Officer.

In May, the 5-member HFPA announced a timeline that would restructure the organization, and last month the HFPA approved a new constitution that would discuss organizational reform, more diverse and inclusive member recruitment, and ethics and accountability. The problems that have plagued the organization for so long.

Most recently, the HFPA approved a new gift, travel and conflict of interest policy that prohibits members from accepting promotional materials or other gifts from studios, promoters, actors, directors or others. The group is also working on new membership goals in light of the revelations, the Los Angeles Times reported last spring that there are no black members in the HFPA.

Allegations of dubious practice and lack of various members NBC announced that it would not promote the Golden Globe in 2022.

The new rules lead to a selection cycle for these new, expanded boards of directors, which includes an external independent director and a re-accreditation process for all existing members.

The HFPA, which awards the Golden Globe Awards, has been under fire for months, with the Times questioning the small, dubious financial practices of insular companies, as well as the tiny record of diversity and representation (including a complete lack of black members). The group has already unveiled a framework for reform that includes increasing the number of people of color in its ranks. The organization has already issued new restrictions on the gifts received by members and the payment for work on their committees.

Read the full rules approved in August here.

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