March 29, 2023


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House of Cardin buys Utopia documentary for North America – variety

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In today’s Film News Roundup, “House of Cardin” and crime thriller “Devil’s Night” look for documentary distributors and “Lucky Grandma” is raising funds for New York Chinatown.


Utipia filmmaker P. The “House of Cardin” fashion documentary, produced by David Ebersol and Todd Hughes, has acquired North American rights.

The film, which focuses on the life and work of designer and entrepreneur Pierre Cardin, held its world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival and embarked on a tour of North America before expanding to San Francisco, Dallas, Boston and Seattle Film Festivals.

Ebersol and Hughes were produced under their banner, along with The Ebersol Hughes company, Corey Coppola. Utopia will release the film in August before New York Fashion Week in September, and then Cardin himself will host the Paris premiere.

Robert Schwarzmann, co-founder of UTV, said: “The House of Cardin brings a new understanding of how groundbreaking Pierre Cardin has played an incredible role in the fashion industry. “Cardin laid the foundations for much of the modern fashion industry we see today, ranging from his unique and fearless design to his vision for the brand’s licensing development and celebration of diversity.”

David Betesh negotiated the deal with Ben Schwartz in a submarine on behalf of the filmmakers in Utopia. The party is managing the international rights to film sales. The executive producers are Matthew Gander and Author Raven Pictures’ Margaret Raven, while the co-producers are T. Bancoli, Allison Martino, Carol Ann Shine, Mark Smolloitz, Daniel Thom and Ben Wilkins.


Sam Logan Khaleghi’s crime thriller “Devil’s Night” from Synidim Corp., Cuba Films and SLK Media Group has acquired all the rights of the United States and Canada. Diversity Learned exclusively.

Directed and produced by Khaleghi, he played the first character Marshall Mathers a.k.a. Rapper Eminem’s brothers have also shared the screen with co-stars Jesse Jensen and Nathan Ken Mathers. Aaron Herman Rashman wrote the screenplay for the film, which features Swift McVeigh’s original music, and he’s in attendance.

The story follows the mysterious murder of a pair of local police officers from a small town just outside of Detroit. The film is set to release digitally and on DVD on June 23.

The syndicate discussed the deal with the production team of Josh Thomasho, Khaleghi, Tel Ganeshan and Jesse Dean Crafis.

‘Lucky’ partnership

Good Deed Entertainment is partnering with Welcome to Chinatown in “Lucky Grandma” to support Chinatown businesses in New York, following revenue losses as a result of Covid-19.

The partnership will be made up of a fundraiser through the social channels and websites of “Lucky Grandma” and Good Deed Entertainment, merging with the virtual theatrical release of the film on May 22. Also, the boutique studio bought a pre-order of iTunes “Lucky Grandma” before the digital release of the film in August, planning to donate a portion of its earnings from everyone. All funds raised will go directly to Chinatown’s Small Business Grants Welcome, which will provide cash to cut losses and threaten the shutter business.

“Lucky Grandma” had its world premiere at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival and was the second recipient of the অ 1 million grant from AT&T Presentation: Untold Stories. It also had an international premiere at the BFI London Film Festival.

Set in Chinatown, New York, Sign Chin portrays a newlywed 80-year-old widow as a stand-alone woman, despite her family’s concerns. When a local lucky person (Wai Ching Ho) predicts a very auspicious day for his future, he decides to take a trip to the casino, only to suddenly draw the attention of the local thugs and bring himself down to the wrong side of fate. He then hired the bodyguards of a rival gang, played by Corey Ha.

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