October 25, 2021


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How big budget drama ‘Nuremberg’ has been circulating in Kovid

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Covid has crashed with production schedules around the world, and for the shooting of the first major Russian film in a European location since the epidemic hit last year, it has been a case study of compromise and adaptation.

Restrictions on the movement of the crew, the director’s cowardly transition and the delay of local authorities to allow shooting on location in Germany together pushed back the schedule of the নাটক 10 million ($ 11.8 million) historical drama “Nuremberg”.

The film-an international co-production with Russia, the Czech Republic, Germany and the United Kingdom অন্ত includes the Covid protection protocol for shooting on location near Prague, which is currently in production. But during the post-WWII Nuremberg trials in Prison 1, the ambitious plan to shoot the top Nazis in real prisons was put on hold because the local authorities saw the idea as too risky as the Kovid case escalated in Germany.

About 25% was added to the budget to deal with the sanctions surrounding Kovid, says producer Elmira Ayanulova.

German co-producers Visual Arts and Russian director Nikolai Lebedev, as well as the film’s producers, are hopeful that there may still be the possibility of shooting in Nuremberg. Meanwhile, production is looking for a location elsewhere to complete the photography before post-production is scheduled for the fall.

Despite the push, the 1946 trial venue at the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg, the Hall of Justice, was rebuilt on a specially built set in Moscow’s Mosfilm studio.

The production was denied a shooting permit at Nuremberg Prison, where there are still prisoners. The state-run film promotion agency, German Films, noted that the full schedule, especially for locally shot TV streaming shows, meant that there were currently no crew or technical facilities for international shooting.

“Historical cells from the trial are located on the same property as the modern prison in Nuremberg,” said Anton Nichell of Visual Arts. “Those places were closed to us because of the Kovid epidemic. We’re still trying to get permission, though the possibilities aren’t great. Human health comes first. Since we have no more time to wait, we probably have no choice but to change our shooting location.

“Nuremberg” stars Evgeny Mirnov and Sergei Bezrukov, Moscow-based Austrian Wolfgang Serni and Danish Lara Bach. The film is a thrilling set against the backdrop of the WWII Nuremberg war crimes trial.

Aynulova says the production still hopes to add truth by shooting at the Nuremberg city jail, where
Most senior Nazis were awaiting trial.

“Now the number of Kovids in Germany is increasing again and we are looking at other locations to handle the cost, but still hopefully there will be shooting in Nuremberg,” he says.

Lebedev, the well-known director for the Russian box office hits “Legend No. 17” and “The Crew”, said: Supported each other.And I really want this to be the case [shown] Very clearly in our picture. It’s good to be together, not separated, even in conflict situations
To solve together. This is especially true today, when international relations have become so bad. ”

The film is expected to be released by Universal in early 2022.

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