September 23, 2021


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How DF Jam Recordings can dominate social media

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When it comes to social media, the number of DF Jam recordings.

No, really – Universal Music Group’s label boasts the highest number of followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as well as the highest engagement rate on the big label, beating Atlantic, Interscope, Colombia and others, according to analysis by DF Jam. Its latest win: Tiktok, where the DF Jam account launched in late February has already garnered more than 1.5 million followers and two million likes.

The trick to def jamming is simple: use what you already have. The label includes an impressive roster of artists at the disposal – Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Pusha T, Change 2, Tiana Taylor, Jhine Aiko, Alessia Cara, Logic, Big Shan, YK Osiris, Danielih, Jeremy, Kash Paige and To keep up – DF Jam takes material like clips from interviews or music videos and edits to adapt to a timely trend or zeitgeist moment.

As Theda Sandiford, Senior VP of Commerce and Digital at DF Jam, said, “Viral is something that happens that you don’t do, although many people think it’s the opposite. What’s trending right now and what fits what we have now and then We’re really looking at our existing content from the perspective that we’ll go back and re-edit things. And can cut. Small changes can affect the narrative of the video and then have a really big impact. “

Take, for example, one of DF Jam’s most viral tic-tac-toe videos, with Danielle and Chris Brown rehearsing the music video for a remix of their song “Easy,” Brown – the post encouraged tic-tac-toe fans to learn to dance on their own, with over 30 million views and 400,000 views. There are more choices.

Dance challenges on TickTock are the key to success and for a record label it can lead to greater exposure for an artist’s song. However, with a video length limit of 60-seconds, the snippet that Def Jam chooses to upload is also important.

“We really think about the parts of the songs that we put there,” Sandiford said. “We think about the libs of advertising, if there is a visual for the song where the dance part is interesting, the part of the song that is funny, something that we think could be the most memorable part. It’s not always a term and not a hook. “

Attracting viewers is essentially, as Sandford says, that interaction with TickTock is not determined by clicks or follow-up, but by how long a particular video “wanders”.

“If you keep scrolling and it’s a different version of the‘ Savage ’dance, what you leave is more important than what you click. And that’s the algorithm’s strategy, “says Sandiford.” So if you can get someone to hold your content – if you capture them in the first 2 to 3 seconds and they’re there for a long time – they just say to the algorithm, ‘Something more.’

Beyond just promoting their artists’ content, Def Jam uses their platform to shout out to creators who have created videos using the songs of their artists, such as tickling darling Charlie D’Amelio. With over one million followers, D’Amelio is a trendsetter in the app and has the ability to perform virtually any specific song or dance overnight as Cash Piez does “love songs”. By reposting his content featuring DF Jam artists, Sandiford is hopeful that it will draw attention to their young population.

The recent nationwide outcry against racial injustice fueled by the death of George Floyd has also proved to be a surprisingly awakening platform. In a post viewed 1.5 million times, DF Jam shared a video of rapper YK Osiris during the Black Lives Matter protest.

Sandiford says: “Watching our artists go through real-life moments really captivates the audience. It makes them relevant and it’s no work. If you go to the end of that broadcast, it’s an inspiration to you that you can do it too. “

Khori Washington, director of Def Jam’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, also acknowledged the importance of identifying the Black Lives Matter movement in DF Jam’s social media. Especially on Instagram, where Diff Jam has garnered an impressive 1.3 million followers and more than 16 million interactions with a 57% increase in followers over the past year.

“I wanted to change the tune immediately because DF jam is an important part of black culture and the black family,” Washington said. “I knew we could not only entertain people at the moment, we also needed to educate people who had faith and trust in our brand.”

Washington has spearheaded an Instagram series as part of the organization’s “DF Jam Forward” ethnic justice initiative aimed at educating their followers and encouraging them to vote. In addition to providing important information on important topics, Washington featured each Black Deaf Jam artist with a unique factsheet in an effort to showcase Krishna Anand.

Washington added, “It’s so important to provide young people with information on the size of these bites that DF Jam and DF Jam focus on artists.” “We want to make sure that we provide all this information to them while entertaining them. There’s a cry that black joy needs to be seen and heard, so we’re both doing something. “

DF Jam Interim Chairman and CEO Jeff Harlaston praised the work of Sandiford and Washington and their drive to maintain the strength and authenticity of the brand on all fronts.

“As a cultural institution and a globally recognized brand, Def Jam has always had a strong voice in the social space,” says Harleston. Diversity. “The brand provides a cultural cache that is authentic, authentic and non-productive. We target these spaces, especially on emerging platforms like TicTac – to encourage the community, expand our cultural reach and, importantly, strengthen our voice in conversations. I am very proud to have done so, especially in light of recent events that have dominated our thinking and our lives, to use this powerful voice to educate, enlighten and broaden. “

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