September 22, 2021


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How Philo keeps pace in the virtual MVPD race

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For just 20 20 a month, Filo provides customers with more than 60 cable channels. This is a general pricing offer that has helped the venture stand out in the crowded market of so-called virtual MVPDs. And Andrew McCallum, chief executive of Philo, explained that he was not going to make the mistake of saying that the prices of many of his competitors had risen during the economic crisis across America.

“We’ve always established ourselves as a low-cost, high-value service,” McCallum said of the latest episode of the “Strictly Business” podcast. “We’re in a very good position because people want to control their budget and what they spend on entertainment.”

Listen to the podcast here:

Philo has just passed 800,000 subscribers in the third year of its management, giving only a bunch of heavy networks in its entertainment and lifestyle, but no major news channel like broadcaster, sports or CNN. The service is seen not only in terms of price sensitivity among customers but also in the overall growth of streaming subscribers during epidemics.

“We have certainly seen significant growth this year, especially during March, April, May and June,” said McCallum, co-founder of Facebook. “The duration of the shelter that drove a lot of people to spend time sitting at home, we certainly benefited from that.”

The interview was recorded at the third annual StreamTV show event last month.

Is “strictly business” Diversity ‘Weekly podcast featuring conversations with industry leaders about the media and entertainment business. A new episode debuts every Wednesday and can be downloaded on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher and SoundCloud.

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