February 3, 2023


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How to watch Billy Hilsa ‘Eternal Bad Guy’ YouTube video

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YouTube allows Billy Ellis fans to use his chart-topper “Bad Guy” – the cover version of thousands of users – in virtually infinite numbers.

On Monday, the video platform debuted as “Ever the Bad Guy”, available at this link: billy.withyoutube.com. YouTube says the interactive experience (which will not carry any ads) is meant to celebrate Hilsa (and her fans) after the song crested 1 billion views earlier this month, her first music video to hit the milestone.

“Infinite Bad Guy” uses machine learning to bring together more than 15,000 “Bad Guy” covers worldwide, covering lip sync, dance and many more music styles and languages. YouTube says every time you watch it you will see a different mosaic of music videos.

“Billy Hilsa is an exceptional artist, and it makes it clear that his fans on YouTube agree,” said Vivienne Luit, the top YouTube head of the artist relationship. “Thank you for this Billy and all his friends.” In 201 In, the video giant hosted Hilsa on YouTube Space LA and helped create one of his first videos.

YouTube has worked with Google Creative Lab to develop and launch “Infinite Bad Guy”. The team at Google Creative Lab uses AI to align audio from thousands of videos with different tempos, instruments, keys and styles. For videos that deviate from the original track (such as the Acoustic or a Capella version), Google Creative Lab has created a neural network that can predict matches between the cover and the original.

Every “Eternal Bad Guy” experience starts with the original music video of Hilsa. Within seconds, you’re presented with two random cover versions to begin exploring (or you can simply press the autoplay button and then watch again). The site includes scrolling hashtags so you can use different instruments or find “bad guy” covers in different genres. At any time, you can hit your break to watch all the videos you’ve watched and get statistics about your unique viewing experience. You can also click through the covers on any creator’s YouTube channel.

YouTube infinitely bad boy site

Google Creative Lab producer Jay Chen said, “This project is a loving monument to the YouTube fan culture in its diverse and great glory.”

At the start, the “infinitely bad guy” pulled from the source video of about 10.5 million seconds. Mathematically, according to YouTube, this means that the current set will earn 1.46 x 10.100 Video adjustment year.

In 2020 alone, Hilsa’s videos have garnered more than 4 billion worldwide views on his official YouTube channel. With more than 35 million YouTube subscribers, it ranks him among the top 15 most subscribed music artists on the platform. Signed in Hilsa Interscope Records. He co-wrote “Bad Guy” with his brother Phineas O’Connell, who also created the track.

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