September 22, 2021


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Hugh Jackman’s butt in the X-Men movie has been censored on Disney Plus – various

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“X-Men: Future Past Days” arrives at the completely uncensored family-friendly Disney Plus – a full-length scene featuring Hugh Jackman’s back. In contrast, the streaming service showed an edited version of “Splash” in April with Daryl Hanner’s CGI Hair in Cc.

Jackman, who played Mutant Wolverine in the franchise, shared a post on his Instagram with the stillness of his butt (covered by an emoji): It was my future but let’s be honest … it’s like my past. “Deadpool” actor Ryan Reynolds commented in the post, “They’re interested in doing this for Deadpool as well. The kids knew this time.

Fans quickly commented on the acclaimed film, which includes not only nudity, but also the use of F-bombs and was rated PG-13 for its release.

Twitter user Empire ALC commented that this could be the first streaming service to receive an F-bomb. “The X-Men’s Days of the Future Past are now on Disney + but it’s really without pressure. This donkey scene has been left alone and this is Disney + ‘s first film with an F-bomb.

As previously reported, Daryl Hanner’s floor received CGI treatment in the hit “Splash” in 1984 when the film came to streaming platforms earlier this year.

In the film, Hannah plays a watercolor character, Madison, who meets the character Tom Hanks and falls in love after she is saved from drowning.

Some scenes were edited for Hannah’s nudity and CGI was used to “lengthen her hair”. At first, Mason visits the Statue of Liberty in a scene and later when he jumps into the sea after kissing the Tom Hanks character.

Justin D. Demanding equality to write about the inequality of censorship, he claimed, “Well, it’s a bit sexist. A few months ago, Disney + Heat heated up to obscure Daryl Hanner’s butt in Splash. But in today’s past service of the future. Donkey treatment demanded !! “

While “Splash” and “Hamilton” (which were censored F-bombs) received censor treatment to comply with the studio’s strict standards for family entertainment, fans speculate that future PG-13 movies such as “X-Men: The First” Class “will be streaming platforms. Will come without censorship.

Disney Plus had no comment.

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