September 23, 2021


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Hugh Lewis and News Drop are awesome ’80s videogame-style clips

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Hugh Lewis and News have released an eye-popping video for their single “When We’re Young” that is sure to win the hearts of any old-school videogame and ’80s fan.

Styled like early videogames, the clip takes Hugh’s character on a journey through his life, reaching new heights and winning awards with each milestone, with mentions of high points in his and the band’s careers (from “Level Up: Youth!” And “Platinum to Record Contract!” You’ve got a new drug! “And, when he got married,” Unlocked: The Power of Love! “Superstars like Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and Bob Dylan also appeared in videogame form (Reference) 1985 Lewis’ participation in the charity album” America for Africa “. And there’s even a reference to the movie “Behind the Future,” where Lewis and the group’s song “The Power of Love” was featured. The clip ends with a subtle reference clip Lewis was recently diagnosed with ear disease – which removed him as an actor even though he has a lot of work to do – saying that “the heart of rock and roll is still too much!”

The clip was animated with Saga 16-bit video game characters and put together by writer / director Scott Sava from the recently released children’s film “Animal Crackers”. The song is the latest single from the group’s album “Weather” released on BMG earlier this year, and has also appeared on the movie’s soundtrack.

Huey Lewis says, “When I first came in contact with Scott and his team, I was fascinated by the script, the cast and the art – he hadn’t animated it yet, but had a beautiful presentation of the characters and sets – and felt that ‘when we’re young ‘Suitable for the film. Luckily he agreed, and for the next few years he worked on the film and we edited the song. The video was Scott’s idea and although I usually want to be involved, I’m very comfortable leaving everything in his hands even after working with him. COVID-19 determines it anyway. I think he, Logan and the team did a great job. “

“When I was in college in the late 80’s, I got my first job making 16-bit games in Sega, San Francisco, USA. So, when the epidemic hit and my 17-year-old son Logan got stuck at home, we sang Hua songs for our film. To try and recreate a 16-bit video game style.

“However within a week, we realized the enormity of the concept and it will take some more manpower to make it happen. I reached out to an artist named William Bruce Robles Japata, who directed the backgrounds. Then, I commissioned my friend and co-star / director Kevin Hanna to help us put everything together. Kevin really took and did most of the work (animation and direction) when Logan and I created the characters.

“It was so much fun to make 16-bit beef, Doc and Marty from ‘Fir Future of the Future’. And how cool was it to make musical instruments like Michael Jackson, Cindy Lapper, Bob Dylan, and Tina Turner in the US for the Africa section?”

All in all, we finished the project on record and Hui thought he would really enjoy the trip down Memory Lane. “

Watch the clip below:

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